Feel Lazy all the time ! How to get rid of this

I have a long list of things to do everyday. But I feel extremely lazy all the time. I wake up at 4 but waste 30-45 minutes just like that.
I submit all my assignments at the last moment. I don’t even start working sometimes thinking that this work would be difficult or would take longer to complete
Need some practical tips to get rid of this laziness and procrastination.

Thanks in advance.


are you spending most of the time in mobile screen , scrolling unnecessarily social media?


Give us more details, my friend. How long have you been clean of pmo? Have you been looking for healthy dopamine releases such as through exercising or spending quality time with friends and family?

How’s that motivation going? Have you been enjoying small accomplishes or just walking by them? Have you been mote in the present moment, reliving the past or worrying about the future?

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Laziness = Due to Less Energy.
Procrastination = Weak WillPower

Laziness+procrastination = PMO Addict.

I suggest you. Build yourself brick by brick.


How are you @_KarmaYogi, you were going great… Please don’t think much about it now, just beware of chaser. .
From my past mistakes I realized that not only pmo but our phone is also a big enemy of ours!!

We cannot be productive or complete our tasks even if we want to be disciplined desperately…

I think:
1. You should increase your sleeping time (I see that you take 5hours of sleep, know this by your diary)

When we are on higher streak say above 30-50 days or so, we can be productive and energetic even by taking 4-5 hours of sleep (speaking from personal experience)
But during the initial stages I would suggest to take 7hours atleast (pmo really takes a lot of toll on our body, we need to rest to recover from it)
Also take rest of 7hrs if you are not feeling energetic in morning (even if you are on higher streak)

You can also sleep 5hrs at night and 2hrs in afternoon or 6hrs at night and 1hr in afteroon (if it is possible or whatever suits you best)

2. Totally lock your phone 1hour before going to bed and 3hours after you wake up.

Say if you sleep for (10pm to 5am) then block your phone by 9pm and unlock it only after 8am.

Why lock 1hr before bed?
a) Because our phone emits blue light due to which our brain thinks it is day and we do not feel sleepy even if we are tired.

b) locking it one hour prior will give you time to think and plan about tomorrow, focus in important tasks and also give you time to declutter.

c) You can read a book, organise your space these small activities will make you feel great the next day and you are completely prepared.

Why lock 3hours after waking up?
a) Because when we wake up our mind is in active state (there is science behind it, I will not go too deep into that), we can focus on things to do but when we touch our phones our mind comes into reactive state and then we just see the messages and all and feel lazy.

b) We can utilize this time in best possible way if we do not touch it.
Now, say brushing, exercise, bathing and all will take you about 2hrs then after that you still have got 1hr to complete important tasks. This will really give you great confidence, inner happiness and a bosst for day.

c) You can increase the time before going to bed and after waking up if you want to complete more tasks.
Now, after we have completed all the tasks and then we touch our phone it will act as reward and we will be happy and content that we did great (I am saying this with confidence because I use this trick almost daily now and I am so much happy about it).

How to block you phone for usage?
There are a no. Of apps (these are among the best which I have tried :point_down:)
i) Digital detox
ii) Off time.
iii) Quality time
You can choose any but according to me the best one is digital detox. BEAWARE!! YOU CANNOT USE YOUR PHONE FOR 11HOURS!!

But don’t worry, you will get 3emergency uses option

3. Lastly, we will get the energy to do work by stopping this addiction…

You can use certain apps to block sites also or if YouTube is what you prefer for watching things when you get urges you can block that too…
You can use stay focused app for the same.


Your last streak was great brother (hope you don’t mind what I said, I know this message got a little long :sweat_smile:)
All the best :+1::100:, we all will get out of this trap!!:smile:


I find your phone lock theory very valuable. I will try it on me.

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Thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart :heart:

yes phone is big problem. I will use the digital detox app and reduce my screen time…

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