Feature suggestion


It would be more supportive and interesting, if we can have a Global ranking dashboard and added friend ranking dashboard based on goal of 90 days nofap or 120 days based with optional for an individual to join. It would be helpful for ppl who are relapsing and finding difficult to reach even 90 days. Or any similar suggestion


It’s already on my list :slight_smile:


@Taher I will suggest you another feature you can add…
I want that whoever we follow or they follow us whether he(anyone) is in forum or not…we can direct private message to him by clicking on person’s current streak… If he(anyone) falls down(relapsed), then we can message him… Ask the reason or we can motivate him & try to show his track…(Mostly when he(anyone) fall from high streak it’s really difficult for him to convince himselves that he can do it again) …!


Private messaging is only possible via forum, so I can add only that.


Can I have your(@Taher) attention please
Can we have this :point_down: new feature in personal message?
At what time receiver saw my message or is it delivered or not?? Same like whatsapp feature…
actually I am not confused many times that did they received my messages or not? because I am getting late replies many times.

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You can see on their profile when they were last online and get an idea whether they have read your message or not from that.


I tried this brother @Forerunner … But it didn’t work… I know what it means?
I understood what you said :point_up_2:

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You can see in their profile when they were last seen and find out whether they have been online since you last messaged.


Thanks @Taher for keeping your words… This new update looks amazing…! :+1::heart_eyes: