Feature suggestion


It would be more supportive and interesting, if we can have a Global ranking dashboard and added friend ranking dashboard based on goal of 90 days nofap or 120 days based with optional for an individual to join. It would be helpful for ppl who are relapsing and finding difficult to reach even 90 days. Or any similar suggestion


It’s already on my list :slight_smile:


Private messaging is only possible via forum, so I can add only that.


You can see on their profile when they were last online and get an idea whether they have read your message or not from that.


You can see in their profile when they were last seen and find out whether they have been online since you last messaged.


The problem with that is we don’t store any user data apart from the current streak. The backup system is different, and that too is opt-in. So it’s not possible to calculate highest streak.

Sorry I mean we don’t store that data in our servers


We need reporting feature, because there are some people that really spread porn in this site.


Flag him through that ‘flag’ symbol.
I also did.

This one here?


“privately flag this port for attention or send a private notification about it”

I’m not sure what that does exactly.

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Yeah that one.
Click on it and then select the " It’s inappropriate , a violation of community guidelines " one. And then click on " flag post ". That’s all.

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So do you mean, that it should show the remaining time in Days,Hours,minutes, seconds?

@Taher, I also have a suggestion for a new feature.

There should be an option in the message board to do a poll. Like when we ask a question in the message board, and tell the people to “upvote if you agree and downvote if you disagree” then it’s difficult to decide if, for eg. 5 means (+5,-0) or (+7,-2). So that made polling difficult.

Or a solution to this problem is to show the no. of upvotes and the no. of downvotes seperately instead of adding them.

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@Adioz, Did you read this?

@Taher , users want a comment section in the message board.

Comments won’t be added in message board, it’s just for motivational texts. For better interaction, the forum is just a swipe away.


This feature is present in the forum, no need to reinvent the wheel. :slight_smile: