Fearless soul's diary

I am not gaining enough motivation to start this nofap journey.

I will be sharing out the daily nofap experiences with you guys. And even if I relapse , I will say how I relapsed

I will be surely uploading it daily…

I request u all guys to read this content daily and reply back your thoughts​:handshake::handshake::handshake:


Today was a bad day, relapsed due to my carelessness and lethargic…

Will make a 3 day streak first
Till monday


Over came an urge just now,
I got tempted after seeing mobile for a long time,

I was about to fap but I managed,

Will surely make a 3 day streak and then next 5 days


Today was a clean day,

But I peeked twice,

Will Make a great day tomorrow :100::boom:


Bruhh, there is no point of making a streak in which you are peeking… You have given the brain the dopamine for which it has been craving , by peeking …
Peeking is like a time bomb that will surely explode one day , it can be on day 10 ,34 or even 90.



Yes bro, I will control it

Relapsed thrice today

But never gonna stop trying

Will make a streak of three first and turn five

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Brother think urself as a warrior and pmo as ur opponent

Guys I am not serious enough, just enjoying fapping and not ready to quit it​:sob::sob:
I am crying now

Please help me guys

Before I worry to feel atleast after fapping, buy now I am enjoying it

Please help me out of this trap guys


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Hey, you are going to make it. Trust me.

Crying wont help much, even if you are not crying physically, your soul may be crying right now.

I literally know what you think about yourself that you do this intentionally but I swear it’s not you. It’s just in your mind. Change your mind’s habit. Control it.

I personally can tell what you feel or think while reading this but I don’t think I should share that here.

So get up, don’t act like a sympathetic child, it’s your fight. You gotta handle this yourself. If you can’t help yourself, nobody will ever be able to help you, got it.

If you want to really leave this now n for all, reply. Thank you. Peace.


I want to leave this habit brother and I will🙏

Will be the on of highest streak holder in this app within months

It’s not just typing,

I swear it I will do it


Highest streak holders on this app have streaks in years how can you overtake them within months :joy: lol
Bro streak doesn’t matter, it’s just a mere tool of motivation, that’s it. You and I joined this app almost the same time last year, we talked then also and I remember that you always said that you lack seriousness to quit and I can see that’s still the problem. So why is that? Why do you lack seriousness, what are your priorities? Do you even need not to fap? Ask yourself, are you here just to build up a remarkable streak?

This platform is called “Rewire Companion”. Use it as a tool to rewire your brain in each aspect. Don’t focus too hard on building streak if that’s hard rn. Just fix small parts of your brain, then gradually progress to other parts. Start small and make it large.

What I’ll suggest is that first quit what is easy to quit, rather than jumping directly into hard mode. Don’t even focus on no fap. If you’re fapping, or watching M that’s fine, just do it and move on.
Focus on choosing a degree that you’d like to pursue, give it a research, try to find out your interest, your decision should not be influenced by peer pressure, or lucrative opportunities. Just do what your heart says and mind agrees with, mind you this process may take up weeks, you’ll be confused a lot but keep researching and write down all the options and then shortlist them. And once you make up a clear vision then move on to rewiring next part of your brain. Trust me this is the only way to ignite seriousness in your life. Hope you understand what I’m trying to convey.


Yes bro,

Thank you for this

Best wishes to you too


sorry I got late replying you buddy. But it’s just one time. I will reply soon from now as I am your companion in this journey.:innocent:

Update your journal as much as possible bro.:fire:Be frequent here. And not just come here to observe, you should here have some good impact on others. Helping others will help you in your case especially.:innocent:


Yes bro, I will come regularly

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How is your streak going?🧘🏻‍♂️

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