Fear of missing out

Greetings community!

I’ve been trying to deal with this addiction for many years, sometimes I have days where I don’t watch any porn or masturbate, but always find myself coming back to it, specially looking at soft content on Instagram.

I want to detox from social media but I get the feeling of FOMO (Fear of missing out), like I really have to watch stories and posts so I don’t get left behind. Any tips for dealing with this?

What are some good activities to replace social media browsing?

Thanks everyone in advance.

I can tell You what is helping me. I read about addiction in science, how it work and how it change my brain and my body. In this situation i know how it works. I know what will come how my body will react and i am not afraid. Another thing is to strenghten your neural circuts in body and brain. You can try to eat healthy foods, doing sports and learn how to relaks. All of this take time. This is not like zero to one decision or not for a lot of people. To build new circuts in brain or overide those already existing take time.

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BS, Focus on ur growth , Watch news, keep working. Why do u care who is travelling where

Delete social media. Helped me big time when i was dealing with it. Just delete it and don’t look back. Go do fun shit yourself or with friends, but don’t post stories about it anywhere. Understand that you don’t have to show everyone what you are doing not do you have to know what everyone is doing. FOMO only affects you only if you know what others are doing. If you don’t know then how will you miss out on it?