Fatigued ,shaky legs while climbing stairs or lifting heavy waits

is it due to pmo .? or how it can be recovered


Day before yesterday, I exercised to get healthy dopamine. But it turned out to be destructive. Even normal exercise left me very tired. My head felt like I took some poison. Instead of getting healthy dopamine, I got so much cortisol and sadness, that even while going good, I decided to relapse after trying my strategies. Even my plan failed. After relapsing, I recalled HALT (to be careful in hunger, anger, loneliness and tiredness in initial days). I decided to start with 1/4th of exercise (whenever I start). TIME WILL HEAL OUR BODIES.

Totally PMO. Your dopamine, serotonin, and acetylcholine levels aren’t working as they should. The way it can be healed is by rebooting properly. Here is all the info you need to succesfully reboot.
Do not doubt, absrinence will come with withdrawal symptoms, but they are normal. Doubt isn’t and it will lead you to relapse.