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Gotta work harder, life generally sucks right now. Taxes and other forms of backshots are tearing apart my family, progress on the business is slow, and I am behind studies. Just got back from a week long road trip yesterday, and spent today working. Imma work harder tommorow. I defeated several urges, but I was too pissed at myself to even consider relapsing, the situation I am in needs me to work hard. I mean this year is certainly better in terms of having wayyyy less problems, but I will continue working hard, and will continue to update this digital journal. No more feeling bad for myself, no more feeling bad for others, just hustling.

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I thought I was gonna make money today, I was so excited, I couldn’t even believe that nothing went wrong, and then, I got reported for “selling counterfeit products” by one of my competitors, like bro, I was selling this product for like 5 minutes, and then this dude reports me. Are there any people that are experienced in selling on Amazon that can tell me what to do? Because this is a big problem, getting reported for selling counterfeit products is the Amazon equivalent of getting registered as a se.x offender. Anyways, I will keep grinding no matter what, tommorow will just work for 2 hours on business (1 hour in the morning before school, and 1 hour after school), and will spend the rest of the time studying school and Machine Learning.

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I relapsed again, i relapsed yesturday, life is just too stressful right now, and I let myself relapse again. I literally don’t know what to do with myself. Yeah I definitely in a burnout, been working about 8 hours every day outside of school with little results for the past week, so I will just take a break for a day.

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Starting tommorow onwards, I will expand on the following habits:

  • internet detox/dopamine detox
  • 1 hour and 45 minutes ML study every morning before school.
  • nofap
  • 1 hour business study after school.
  • Strategize and plan not just my day, but my work also to make sure that work is guided.
  • Keep room organized, one environment one task.
  • Workout everyday.
  • Do cold showers, but not only that, but set a timer for 10 seconds before I turn the cold water on, means I have exactly 10 seconds to get in.
  • Eat 1 egg during every meal.
  • No sugar

2 days ago, I ended up relapsing 3 times in a row, and today I have been getting more urges. I felt so disgusting after the 3rd relapse, I wanted to vomit :face_vomiting:. I appreciate freedom from PMO, and I will fight to defend it.

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I am so happy today.
I made my first few sales on my
Business and now I feel ultra good.
I will quit PMO now too, I am soon gonna
have a 5 day streak.


Ok, so I feel like I literally cannot do anything, so, I decided that I will take a week rest from everything, all my responsibilities, and just sit on social media for a bit and just scroll and stuff, this sounds weak, I haven’t done this in about 5 months, but the stress of life just keeps manifesting into relapsed, I’m not in any kind of urgency to do any work, so I can afford to do this.


I am back on track


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