Fappy: The little bunny

All my life has been like this. The first year I met Fappy I thought it was my friend, but with time this cute bunny began to demand me more time and more energy. He said to me: Dont leave me alone I dont hurt anyone :rabbit:. And I believed him and left others to complace him. After 3 or 4 years, I realized that my life was wrong, so I decide to put fappy in a provisional jail and start to fixing my life, but my friends said: It is only a bunny, we all have one and we still live happily, not only us, 97% of society has one!! So I calm down and I leave in freedom Fappy, but I told him: This time I will not complace you. My live passed and I started to have other priorities. My studies, my family my friends, my hobbies, but when Fappy appears, everything was going to shit. He started to control me, he was the center of my life, but he was only a bunny no? First I want to be a good student, I want to have friends and I want a beautiful girlfriend. Then I will take out this rabbit of my house. When I passed three months without Fappy, I swore I have already overcome him, so I said: I will visit Fappy only once a week because I pass a good time with him and this time I will have the control. But how wrong I was!! I started to visit fappy once a day but obviusly “I already had in control and I can stop when I want”. Wen I realized, Fappy had reproduced and they were like 1000 Fappys in jail and all said: Please complace me!! When I couldn’t resist anymore, I decide to unmask the first fappy and confront him, and ohh what a great surprise!!! The little bunny started to grow more and more and he transformed in a big MONSTER! He told me: I am the Devil, I am your enemy :japanese_ogre::imp::skull_and_crossbones:. Now I dominate you. I started to cry and I resign myself to complace him, because it was impossible to beat him. When I became aware that I would be forced to live my whole life with Fappy, a superhero appears!! He told me: my name is Astronaut and I am the leader of FAPSTRONAUTS :prince:. We are a group of heroes that fight with monsters like fappy. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! And I said: Oh, I knew that fappy was not as good as everyone said. I am not crazy! And so I became a Fapstronaut, and I am very proud to be one like all of you. Now I have many shields and weapons that you all brothers gave me to stop the most feared superpower of Fappy: THE URGUES. I know that it is not easy to beat him but now I have a lot of hope and this make me stronger :muscle:. Finally I add one tip. I think that this is the most secret and final superpower of fappy: The most longer your streak is, the most smaller and cute is becoming Fappy, returning to look like a little bunny :japanese_ogre::point_right::rabbit2:. That is why I think the secret is not to trust because THE TRUST KILLS YOU. I hope you liked my story and sorry for my english, it is not my native language. We can fight together. My code is: 1b5335. We will keep fighting throught the end!:muscle::muscle::facepunch::facepunch::person_fencing::person_fencing:


So, appropriate the way you put it. Awesome… it’s true…man . The :rabbit: changed to :smiling_imp: .

Well, what I thought of porn as an OCTOPUS … originated from our brain only, and taking energy from my brain with all its tentacles… The more I masturbated I imagined the :octopus: becoming bigger and bigger till the time

MY BRAIN BECAME BLACK(Becoming a bad person) AND THE PURE WHITE PART(goodness within) IS GRADUALLY GETTING SMALLER AND SMALLER. Now, just like you said, I also imagined :octopus: breeding and leaving it’s smaller children to conquer the rest of the brain— that is my actions, self confidence, self belief. Etc etc.

I am losing my throne( giving myself to urges, pmo), and my soldiers are not getting enough (motivation)food to last long-- NO MOTIVATION, OR POSITIVE THOUGHTS*

Sometimes when I went over high streaks… I would see, they are retreating back, and in our Kingdom we would rejoice, that we got some land back. Little did I knew more I pushed myself , more retaliation I would get. (Powerful urges)

I was about to lose, and give up on life, till I found out about this app, and finally found the weakness of that :octopus: :smiling_imp:.

I urges my soldiers to become more powerful, motivated them, took motivation from wherever possible, promising myself that come what may-- I will get back what they took away from me . With lots of failures , lots of sacrifices, I finally managed to get a lot of my place back.

But I know, they are still there(pmo) , waiting for a single mistake(relapse) and will strike me back with full force. So, failure is never an option.

Thank you .


Awesome story telling @srubio . I visualized the whole scenario in my mind coz this is what happened with me. Add me :-af92095

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Fappy always takes advantage of slip ups. This is my second time trying to abstain, but my first time fighting together. If fappy gets into a cage, I ain’t never letting him out again

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