Fapper vs NoFapper

Fapper vs NoFapper, a really common thing we hear in the internet. Both sides are debating whether PMO is harmful or no. Both sides have its own reason why they have such statements, and sometimes this bugs my mind.

On the fapper side, they have the argument that holding the urge will instead give a lot of genital issues. And call the NoFapper is doing “sciencegabble” thingy that means “giving unproofed thesis with science name” and doing “pseudoscience”.

On the NoFapper side, they (or we, since I’m in NoFapper side) said PMO could cause brain damage and other bad things.

What is your thought about this debated thing that have been going for years?

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Have only one thing to say to that.


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Apart from the debate I find that…confidence matters…

If you feel like your choice is good (whether fap or not fap) then keep practicing it one day you’ll set yourself as the proof of it’s success…(acc. To science 90 days are enough to have most of the benefits)

And you feel like your choice is wrong then why are doing it? One day you’ll set yourself as an example of that failure…

Although everybody on the earth always feels nervous after relapse. That’s a proven thing, the subconscious mind never lies. Even in case of animals after semen loss a feel of regret has been observed by scientists.

Everyone finds the childhood the best part of life till they reach pmo​:joy::joy:
If a fapper says that he feels happy then he’s lying…you can ask him to recall his first few relapses…
And the nervousness after fapping is the result of loss of huge amount of energy just for nothing…

Keep going stay strong :pray::pray::om::om:

We must prove ourselves by setting a good example.

Be that proof yourself :peace_symbol:.


Yo, it’s not “science gabble.” Actual scientific and academic research and studies have been conducted by neuroscientists and behavioural therapists and is going on at present on the effects of excessive masturbation and porn addiction.
The single most problem every single one of these researches faced in the past was the absence of a control group to compare their findings to, ie men who did not look at porn or wanked over extensive periods of time. Now they do have us - the NoFap community. Fappers should not bring up the argument that there is no scientific evidence to support or prove that NoFap actually works and whether or not pmo is harmful and leads ro severe addiction, because there are numerous studies and approved academic research. You just don’t know about them because all you do is wank your dick all day. I personally would like to conduct further research into this topic once I have completed my medical degree. (in the distant future :sweat_smile:)

Anyway, people who support masturbation and argue against the NoFap lifestyle like a bunch of butthurt pussies are fucking dead to me. I empathise with undecided people and the ones who actually realise it’s impact and are trying to quit, in howsoever small ways.
Whatever argument an undecided person can bring up (not hand slaves of porn - let’s just call them anti-NoFappers) I will be more than happy to have a healthy debate, try and convince them with facts and logic (like if the person is not so sure about whether PMO is harmful, a little harmful, whether nofap works etc.) but if an anti-NoFapper comes up to me anywhere saying NoFap and not watching porn is what’s gonna harm me or I must watch porn and fap to be normal , I am extremely likely to punch them in the face.