Fapped during sleep is this a relapse?

I was sleeping last night and while sleep I relapsed I don’t think I didn’t know how it happened is this a relapse???

Yes it is bro, you need to restart the day



It’s not a relapse. If you were sleeping and woke up to see ejaculate it was a wet dream. Not a relapse.

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Its not a relapse. Nocturnal emissions are good for your physical and mental health. Just don’t think about this any longer and stay dedicated.

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Don’t worry Its not a relapse. Its not in your control.

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Actually if you did on your own it’s a relapse!!!
You told me you started rubbing but now you said you did not do anything???


Relapse :

  1. opened a website or anything which is related to porn .and watched it more than 3 sec its a direct relapse
    2)used hand or bed or rubbed it’s consider as relapse…
    stay honest with yourself…