Fap made me a monster

After 27 days, I relapsed. I feel different from other times, I used to feel like shit when I relapsed, but being this the first time I reached 27 days, I feel proud of myself, cause I know I will go further the next time.

The thing here is, the reason I relapsed. I have a gf, but porn and fap has turned me into a monster, I’m constantly looking at other girls who aren’t my gf, I feel like a monster everytime that happens, cause she’s the nicest person I know, and I pay her by doing that? Hell no, I don’t want to be this monster anymore.

Things that triggered me: insta chicks, they are not Instagram models, they’re normal girls, but still I should unfollow them so I don’t relapse again. Real girls, ok I cannot stop going on street or tell them to not go out, but what I can do is if I see a hot chick on street, instantly move my thoughts to another thing (my breathing for example) and when I come back home meditate so I definitely stop thinking about the girl I saw.


Hello there. The only advice I can give is just keep yourself busy and your mind will be busy as well. That’s what helps me. Don’t be afraid of yourself. Take your time. It will eventually become easier to control your mind. You also can try meditating and taking a cold showers. While meditating think about your gf and how you can’t imagine yourself without her. But you can imagine yourself without those instagram chicks, don’t you? You can reach your goals, I belive in you man!


If you would get an opportunity to say away for all your dirty thoughts and stop being that person before and change to better version of yourself

U would do that
After all who wouldn’t

But there is a truth that the person you wanna become is far from sight

It is almost impossible to him in a snap

But one step at a time can work

You would see a hot girl pass by you see her

Face her not just like a hot saucy titiesous thing but more than that like a normal person it is gonna be uncomfortable at first but belive me

It gets easier

I too was in your position

But once I ate my girl i don’t need to look at someone else

You get what i am saying bright

Stay strong

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Well, if I can give some advice… I would suggest, whenever you see some nice lady, and feel kind of attracted… just keep your hand on your heart and call her “mataji”

Mataji means mother… of course no one will have any wrong thoughts towards their mother. So whenever you get such feelings, just call that lady mataji. And not just say, literally mean it with your heart…
I am sure it will help! Hare Krishna!


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