Fap is equal to weight gain depressing etc

Fapping made me depressed and tired among other things such as losing all your energy.

Ive gained over 20kg in a couple of months. From having muscles and meing small to almost becoming overweight. Fuck fap this shit aint worth it. Come challenge me or write how bad it is for your health


I’ve always been skinny, partly because of pmo addiction. I never ate enough, and I find it hard to gain weight. Since doing nofap, I’ve started working out. I still weigh the same, but now I’ve gained some muscle and lost some fat. I’m not underweight, but my goal is to reach 72 KG by gaining muscle. I am now 64 KG, so it’ll take quite a while. Muscle growth is of course much slower than fat accumulation, so it’s important for me to eat enough, but not too much to the point that I just gain fat. It’s a bit frustrating, because the last few days I’ve not hit my calorie goal (1000 - 700) too little calories, which has caused me to lose weight again.

Funny how we’re in opposite situations, but still in the same boat.

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Your title needs correction you should write fap instead of nofap!

I’m opposite to you. I’m very skinny


Your doing well bro! Focus on eating them nuts healthy fats or just protein powder helps to gain your calorie goal. Remember to think about your form and dont lift too much.


I’ve got protein powder and all of that cool stuff. The protein I bought from myprotein is creates much less dense shakes than the previous brand I had (power supplements), which is really nice. I usually throw in a banana, and some vitafiber powder to sweeten and add fiber. Sometimes I’ll add cocoa powder and/or peanut flour.

I normally really enjoy Cruesli with milk or yoghurt, but we’ve been out for the last week or so. One bowl is easily 450 calories, so it really helps me get my cals in. Good nuts as well.

I mostly do calisthenics with my gymnastics rings, so it’s not really that easy to over-strain yourself. I did once injure a rib muscle. Still don’t know how, but it was over in a week or so.

Thanks for the advice!

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Well, for me it caused weight loss. Everybody is affected differently when it comes to weight.

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