FAP due to boredom

How many of you guys fap due to boredom? It is very clear to me that I don’t necessarily have a porn problem(although I use it, It has never scalated), it majorly stems from me NOT having a life.
A perfect example of this is that 80% of the time I relapse on my day off. It doesn’t help that my off days are always random lol


Yeah, days off are worse for me. I think being lonely does it. I am not too bored. I like what I do a lot. But, when I take breaks or have time to reflect, that’s when I’ll realize I am alone and get distracted by lustful sentiments…

Very true. Trying to divert course with nothing else on the plate practically becomes impossible lol

When I am bored, I remember God and read pastimes of God.

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No matter what is your profession. Most busy persons also gets a off day … we cant escape by associating fapping with boredom or off day theory.
Everybody is fapping because it is giving them pleasure; they are traped in the illusion. actualy the opoosite is happening; pleasure is making them weak
weak men cant do shit in soceity
So… draw out your sword and start fighting urges.

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