Fap Alternative for falling asleep?

Hi guys, I need little help.
I usually fap before going to bed. If I can’t able to sleep, I fap and I was able to fall asleep within few minutes. Recently, I am doing Nofap and it’s been few days since I have masturbated. But for past few days, when I couldn’t sleep at night my mind wants to Masturbate so that I can sleep and I am controlling my urge to do so… so there has been many sleepless nights… any alternative to fall asleep? Books, songs, podcasts are not helping…

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Try the Wim-Hof breathing method, or sleep meditation or listening to white noise. Try all 3 if you like at the same time. Also check out the pilot sleeping method. It will take time to break that old habit-perhaps try to rearrange your bed a bit so that your brain thinks it’s a new bed so that it can form new links not related to PMO.

Make yourself tired by physical exercise. If you are not used to do then walk 1 hour morning and evening both time. This will help you fall asleep like a baby.

It’s just been few days for you in nofap right?? Give some time to yourself… and you’ll see the difference you’d have the best sleeps during nofap… trust me… I think it’s because you are addicted to masterbate at night that’s why you can’t sleep… give yourself a week or two… and yeah stay away from mobile atleast half an hour before going to sleep… stay away from anything that you think can give you urges… and it’s just a phase…

The best method to control urges hands down. No other method is as effective as tiring urself physically to the point you just want to fall to the bed and sleep.


It’s hard to say what the solution is, others have already given help but I’ll chip in too.

As masturbation is a habit swapping it will definitely help, but I think attempting to reflect on what need you’re trying to address by using masturbation should help. Writing your thoughts on why you want to masturbate should help you become more aware of yourself, maybe that could help before bed?

You may need to sleep in another room for a while, change your environment so that masturbation is less natural. By this I mean, if your phone is near and this is something that starts the urges you need to place the phone elsewhere until you have greater control of your habits. If laying in bed starts the urges, maybe sleep on the couch or the floor in another room.

To finish off: Change your environment so it doesn’t feel natural to masturbate, you may need to sleep elsewhere at first. Also, build new habits and routines so you don’t leave an empty space for your old habit to slip back in.
Finally, congratulations for the progress you’ve made so far. Progress is progress no matter how slow and I hope you keep it up.

100 push ups…before sleeping…if you have energy for m* then next day 200 push ups…if you have more energy for again m* then next day 300…

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