Fantasizing is the hardest part of nofap

10 days into nofap… I’m having too much sexual thoughts/fantasizing the last days… It was really hard but my willpower it’s stronger… I know fantasizing is no good, but it’s better than fapping… When I reach 30 days it would be a lot better.

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I’m letting fantasies get though, you can’t fight them. They will be back harder. What you CAN do it’s to let them pass. Eventually after one month you will be able to control everything. I’m just patiently waiting for flatline…


I have considered Fantasizing as a relapse , as I have noticed I most time relapse when I fantasise , so I strictly consider peeking and fantasising a relapse …


I also have the problem of fantasizing I am on day 58 now, I am facing this problem since the very initial days of no fap but I had developed quite good control over my self and used to correct my self pretty effectively but snice past few weeks my morning routine is completely not in place I am sleeping late or getting up early no exercise no affirmation no controlled breathing exercises no journaling which has somehow made me loose control over myself before this I was showing good progress I know where I am lacking but unfortunately not able to make proper time for the self care required the only thing helping me to avoid relapse is mental exercise of reading

Even you guys make a note self care Is very important maybe you guys are lacking self-care somewhere

My goal is to make a different routine according to new situation now


Yes it CAN be controlled but it needs time to be a habit…