Failure( relapse)

I relapsed after 5 days due to porn triggers in telegram group after it i deleted telegram app. Im using blocker app also,

Now my relapse is after just 5 days 5 damn days…

Can i get through this addiction ? I need advices of you all…please help me


Can i get through this addiction ?

If you can do 5 days there is no reason why you can’t do 90 days. Don’t give in.


First, keep faith on God and believe in yourself.

Practice Yoga, meditation, exercise, spent more time with family members (specially in the initial days and avoid loneliness too). You must have a list of WHY’S (why are you starting nofap) so that whenever you get urges, read them out. Talk to your friend when you get urges or go for a walk.

Also find out the triggers, your relapsing pattern. Like why did you relapsed? What was the trigger? And avoid them.

First of all you need to believe that you can do anything. You have immense strength and potential. And you can achieve whatever you seek. Just believe that. Stay strong brother :muscle:. Visit the forum regularly. Read people’s experiences and try to help them too. Slowly slowly, everything will be normal.
Stay together brother. We all are always with you.


Ofcourse you can bud. Just don’t give up ok?


Post relapse feelings of shame and guilt may become very strong, also if your making a conscious effort to quit feeling depressed is natural you feel down ,low ,so if you see you get into a very negative mindset all together you may feel it’s your fault

Now this is because

  1. obviously you didn’t do something you promised you would ,so you feel bad this is the emotional aspect of it

  2. neurological aspect to it is ,post masterbation your brain actually has used up all dopamine it can and now is not able to create sufficient amount of dopamine ,so biologically your brain is unable to make you feel happy even though it’s not the end of the world post relapse you feel utterly depressed almost doomed level depression can be felt at times

You were not able to accomplish something made you feel bad but the neurological aspect makes it worst and you feel more bad that you are feeling so bad which makes you feel more bad
Its loop you get stuck in

The only way to recover from this is to know it’s ok you make mistakes at times nobody is perfect and shit happens in life also know the depressed feeling is temporary ,few hours or may after a day or two your brain will be able to create natural amount of dopamine and the extra depressed feeling will go

Now making a mistake is ok but not learning from that mistake and allowing it to happen again and again is a crime

Hence as @Peter1505 has stated you must keep track why you slipped keep a journal if possible

Also this is from personal experience you might also feel disconnected from people close to you and get upset on them for their small mistakes also you send negative vibes so even they can feel your negative vibes and respond in some sort of negative way I can’t explain this why this happens but somehow family or close people are somehow connected so it’s best if they know you are going through a tough time trying to quit this habit or if they don’t know try to understand them and not get angry on small mistakes

Also to keep your mind healthy and yourself occupied indulge in healthy life style


You can do this bro, don’t give up
No one achieved 90 days at one go.
It’s by failing and learning through those failures that we achieve success.
Fail forward, my friend.
Never give up the fight. :triumph:


Decide. Decide with full heart and with your soul… It’s enough. No meditation, workouts, … are going to help if you don’t decide deeply inside.


Back this 100% - take some time out and evaluate your life. Understand what pmo will cost you, and resolve to spend that time and strength in a way that you will be proud of.

When your decision is clear, tell someone you love about it. I found that helped solidify my decision like nothing else.


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Ejaculation is a momentary pleasure. You need to understand that your brain is using ejaculation as a source of dopamine/happiness/pleasantness.

So it is not that intense once you see something higher than porn then it will be easy and natural for you to stay away from it.

One way of seeing something higher than porn for me was to watch proper guided youtube videos from popular and trusted youtubers. These videos are awesome and they really gave me boost to go on nofap at just the age of 16.

Im giving you a playlist link which includes all the videos that I’ve watched at the beginning of my no fap jouney. *you clicking on the link gives me no benefit/revenue, moreover its beneficial for you. Link -

One video you will find in that playlist named ‘no masturbation for 9 years’ that is a podcast of a normal man he is not a yogi or a mystic or a realised human being, he is just one of the normal people. Where he is talking about nofap/no masturbation and how he has reached the 9 year mark.

That video inspired me a lot. Hope it helps you tooo.

Also if you want any help/guidance just message me I always reply to people with the best of my capability and understanding! :upside_down_face::v:

Porn/Nofap/Masturbation is a vast topic to explain by typing. I mean its really big and huge to type, so I have not covered all aspects :grimacing: if you want we can do that as well.


Yeah, absolutely correct. As @anon72572146 said. First of all you need to be determined that I have to give up this addiction. It has taken many things from me. Many opportunities, many happiness. Without a firm determination, nothing can help you.

Also, sometimes it may be possible that your willpower will be low and you will not be able to control the urges. So, I would suggest you to install some blocking apps. They will definitely help you in the bad times. I use BlockerX app.

@ShubhamShri is absolutely right. You should watch videos related to nofap, productivity, success so that those useless stuffs get washed off from your mind. As we know, if we consume quality content then we will perform some quality task. These will also help you to focus on your development rather than those nonsense.


I think i have found a best way to encounter relapse. Its you guys, your messages and motivation. Actually , in past days whenever i get urges …im just opening this app and staying here until urge is gone…yesterday night that wasnt case…i went directly to pornographic content without my consent…just seeing memes in telegram group and they are popped as gif…then i couldnt control myself…even blockerX app didnt work. Because my device is vivo , its UI is always stopping it.

Thank you guys for all your support, i got to know streak days arent important, reason behind my nofap is important.


Happy for you. May God show you the right path and give you the strength to fight your all problems and conquer them too. God bless you brother.

I am totally agree with you. I am also greatful to this community, my companions, this forum. Such a helpful, hardworking and caring persons. This community is a boon for me. Through their support and love anyone can be free of this slavery. Really great peoples!!!

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same brother i too have a vivo phone😓 ckmkb😅 dont have money to buy another.


First week is the toughest week from Day 0.
You have to start with a short goal of 3 days slowly…and never target beyond 21 days.
For you 30 is a huge target.
Start small.start slow.
And be very passionate about this.
And never give up.


Sounds like your trigger is your phone, if you don’t need to take calls, maybe consider just shutting it off, and putting it in a drawer. Ever since the quarantine, phones aren’t as important anymore.