Failure of life

I hv a long failure experience. This shit shows me the hell.No confidence angry fatigue more and more.But after failling every time I start again in hope to beat that shit.
This addiction is about 11 yr and my mind is always creaving for tea coffee ice cream suger .
This time May my Lord will surely help me to perform my best


Don’t think yourself as a failure brother, I experienced the same thing couple of years before,

Physically broken due to an accident.
My parents are in debt because of it.
My girlfriend left me.
Was working on a job I don’t like.
I don’t have much friends to share my feeling.
I had sucidal thoughts.

I had nothing to boost me but me, started loving myself with positive attitude, once I got physically healed. Resigned my job stayed jobless for sometime (parents didn’t supported me), followed my passion put lot of efforts on it. Successfully secured my dream job within 4 months.

Guess what happened next, I found few real friends during my struggle who are still with me. some people started hating me because they could not do the same as I did, a big fuck off to them. My ex came back told her to fuck off, now she is married to a guy who earns less than me :joy:

If no one loves you, you have to start loving yourself or else no one will love you, if you have a passion, follow it, put loads and loads of effort to achieve it, get out of that comfort zone nothing useful in it. DON’T EVER THINK PMO ALONE DESTROYING YOUR LIFE, LIFE IS MUCH MORE THAN THAT.

SO GET UP, BE A MAN, READY TO STRUGGLE AND FIGHT or cry for the rest of your life…


Bro ur story is too inspiring plz tell me the daily seadual. And what was u doing during urge face.
And also ur meditaion and physical hobby


I gained weight after the accident as I spent around a month on bed. My BMI reached around 30 (it should be around 25). So started doing exercise once I got physically healed it supported me both physically and mentally bro, seriously it will help try it bro.


how you are wasting your life…

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BRO!! @EvilMorty
You should become a motivational speaker!
What an inspiration! Amazing story!