Failed still fapping


Iam failed in day 1 so sad :"( its only 13 hours since iam not fap


I used to fap 8 to 9 times a day…that means fapping every 3 hours…u would improve gradually…don’t give up…always bounce back


U are way better than me

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Don’t give up bro! I’ve relapsed and relapsed and relapsed many times for the past 2 months but still, I try again and try again until I finally reach day 8. The key is just keep going and keep trying again.


control I too failed after 7 days


don’t be too hard on your self man. you have not lost man. as long as your fighting you have not lost.
find out why you relapse and cut the reason from its roots. and keep fighting.


Thats not failure, thats the first step to your journey really, there is nothing like failure you will only improve now your next step should be a day and when you reach that day, then add +5 hour and soo on soon you will be on two days you keep on building those résistance muscles, and you won’t believe how much will power you have within you! :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle: am counting on you