Failed at day 10

Hey guys i now survived 9 days but failed at day 10 i kinda wanna don’t go back but we’ll it is what it is so what’s failing me is because i always looked at phone when i was sleeping (i got horny) and then i opened R34 and fapped i stopped when it’s about to cum but sperm going out any tips? I’ve tried website blocker and all of them didn’t work it keeps disabling permission

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Hey brother

The more you depend on blockers rhe more you will allow yourself to be out of control. Depend on your own mind to not go there.

Trust me that when I say I hage used all types of blockers and browsers even, which literally block any suggestive words, but I always found a way to disable them and open my favorite harem and jerk off, in fact I clearly remember allowing myself to search or think any dirty thing, because I believed that the blockers will save me, well guess what, at the end it was me and me alone who had to deal with this.

Don’t worry, I request you to read easyleasy book, which helps you in way, where you don’t have to stop anything in your life which you like and sacrifice it to stay away from PMO.

Just read it with open mind and follow all of its .

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