Failed after 13 days

I need help
I lost motivation
Why did i fail
Why did i fap

did you started any activity
like workout

Think about the moment which made you to lose your motivation, was it lust, boredom?.
Mostly the things i’ve said above.

Start again and keep yourself busy, take cold showers, set a goal, live an active life.
This time you need to reach 26 days, then you can deserve and to fail again, only if you will reach those 26 days.
You can’t do PMO forever but you can win.

Maybe you find some encouragement in this episode of recoveredman’s podcast:

I did 2 more relapse after last one
So 3 relapses this 2 days
When ever i fail i lose motivation and relapse after relapse

I feel bad now
Idk How to reach much days again …

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Keep yourself busy and take cold showers once you feel that you need PMO.