F*ck this - I need a buddy to chat and grow with

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Current streak - 0 days, relapse happened 10 minutes ago
Highest streak - 36 days
Age - 24
Gender - M
Location - Germany, Bavaria

Why I want a companion - because I think we can challenge and especially help each other to grow and learn to live without this addiction. We can also chat and talk on a daily basis… It helps!


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current streak : 0 (yea…same🥴)

higest streak : it was fucking high but i am no more that beautiful(in mind), so its meaningless

age: 18

gender: M

location: India

Why i want to companion : becuase i want to go back on the path of self improvement that i used to travel before, away from meaningless excitement, only focusing on goals and taking action. with someone to chat with (to motivate sometimes and be motivated some) would be more fun (even if we fail sometimes cuz its life :man_shrugging: ) to climb the peaks of Mt.Greatness, just by knowing we are not alone.


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