EYE contact (men staring)

What you guys do when some stranger(men) stares at you for a long time?
In my case I get a lot of stares from men , & they just keep staring at my eye and after few secs of staring I just break the eye contact and it kinda makes me uncomfortable. I feel like low in confidence and opp. Of that of alpha.
What is your opinion folks?

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I do get some staring from men sometimes… but they usually break contact when I stare back.
It’s kinda funny acctually hahaha

but I’m guessing you are looking for other guys opinion. so my opinion is just irrelevant.


Make a high streak and just look back at them with confidence. They will not dare to stare you again. They will flinch in your presence.


Yes, that’s the way. They will not dare to stare again.


Don’t break eye contact first.


I will try not to break it first. Thanks for your reply


Thanks man. Pumped up


In my opinion, may be thats because of nofap, and it has increase your feminine energy and those guys can clearly see it in your eyes and they break contact thinking they are not worth your stare.
Thanks for your reply though.

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Do they have a reason to stare? This is kind of weird. Straight men don’t stare at other straight men. If something is wrong with you I’m sure men and women will stare but if nothing is wrong with you they shouldn’t be staring.

Here in india staring is a problem. People will keep starin at you for nothing.

But bro I didn’t notice anyone staring like that. Where do you live?

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i agree with @AnkitK , unless or until you,re in some rural areas or being somewhat extra ordinary, strange, a foreigner ,or a girl etc. people won’t stare. In urban if you’ve got someone staring for the long time i guess things might be little fishy there, (If you have a great physic or cute they might be checking you out). As a whole i don’t agree with taking the whole country into the conclusion. I would suggest if you’re bringing your country on any global forum make sure its true. As you’re commenting on global forum keep in mind what image you’re creating on people from other nations.

“Here in India staring is a problem. People will keep staring at you for nothing”

yeah its true if its a foreigner than no doubt they’d kill with their stares, but that not the case for other Indians, it is very uncommon to a guy staring on another dude, unless he’s into you or having some unsolicited intensions(might encounter in delhi & gurgaon but not in the entire country though).

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People stare at you because of 2 things :

  1. You are handsome & good looking.

  2. You are weird.

Check in which category you fall.

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