Expecting to become Kal El through Nofap ? read this


I read many articles of no fap gains, and downside of fap. Initially expectations from the journy are like Huge. And while continuing the path one keeps comparing with all mentioned data of benefits, to actually gained things. Its found incomparable ! i.e. actual gains with certain number of days of nofap can be too low, to keep oneself motivated for continuing ahead. This is a fact. Reason is we are not understanding one thing , " we are recovering from a huge loss, and not building profit on an even ground!". first we have to come up to a basic level called as “normal” and only after exerting with focus on top of this level there is possibility of higher level achievements. so we are under normal people first trying to get to Normalcy and while doing this we feel that being normal is also like gaining powers ! so do not keep some high unnatural expectations from your self while on no fap journy, its a natural process of regaining. Ofcourse to continue no fap you must keep your defenses high and intact.