Exercise challenge

It’s difficult to resist the urges since we are very badly addicted to it
But we can win over the urges
Through some meditation and exercise
Eventually u will feel lazy but u must do it

So to every 1 and myself
Who ever is interested
An exercise challenge
Many people get bored with same exercise
So the exercises will change every 2 weeks
So let’s do it

Week 1 and 2

Challenge for the week

  1. High knees
  2. Jumping Jack’s
  3. Squats
  4. Lunges
  5. Push ups
  6. Wall sit
  7. Burpee
  8. Mountain climbers
  9. Shoulder taps
  10. Plank

So every exercise
40 seconds workout and 20 seconds rest
And no pausing in between
Do it continuously without any break
1 set is enough

After exercising
If u do yoga then it helps in relaxation so u wont feel much of body pain
So for yoga if u r beginners
I’ll suggest u to download track yoga app
And do yoga
Start with beginners day 1
My suggestion is do day 1 for almost a week though the app takes u to day 2
Coz u will become better in those poses and then 2nd whole week do day 2 yoga

Along with exercise and yoga
Meditation and pranayam helps a lots

Just 5 counts of on chanting
5 counts of anulom vilom
Sufficient for beginners

And last meditation
For this use app
Petit bambou
It’s really good
And it takes only 10 mins

All this will surely help to transmute that high energy of ours

Many may think why these many things
But I’ll tell u
All together these things will take only 40 mins of ur day
( 10 mins exercise +2 mins break + 12 mins yoga + pranayam 5 mins + meditation 12 mins)

We can spend atleast this much time for our health
So come on people let’s do it

For timer of 40 and 20 seconds
Android users can use interval timer on play store

Also, if you have the opportunity rather focus on compound movements, such as squats, deadlifts, pullups, bench press, overhead press, etc. so you target more muscles in your body.

But you set a good foundation for yourself - in the future, use super sets, drop sets and progressive overload.

Stay sharp.