Everything was going great but

Hi its been a long time… i had control over my urges… but the i dont how i end up here… i became habitual to snapchat… got attention from guys and then started snapping… then with couple of guys, i started chatting about not so descent stuff… they were sharing their snaps all the time… i didn’t shared much but shared a few… then the relapsed happened… i stopped afterwards but then couldn’t stopped and that happened again… i dont wanna start from 0 again but i also kinda enjoy it… what to do…


Hey @shraddha, as I don’t know about girls problem I would suggest you to talk to female they understand you pretty well I think.
I am just taging some of female here they might help you definitely…
@NhTbH @DarkViolin @Dari @Dido @Aish @Minnie @Survivor and many more are there…(I might mis in taking their names) some people regularly visit but some aren’t.

Hope you’ll solve your problm sooner. :slightly_smiling_face:


My dear, the best step to take would be stop talking to these guys. The other best step to take (if you don’t feel ready to take the first one) would be just tell them you don’t want to get those pictures nor send them. If you can’t defeat those urges, you must run from them, at least in the beginning.
And don’t be afraid to loose the interest from those guys. I bet none of them is worth to see your body in more “details” then your family is.
If you want to talk more about this, you can write a message to me :slight_smile: good luck.


Let me give an analogy.

Imagine you are an Alcohol Addict.
You wanted to get rid of it…so you went to Rehab.

Now after months of rehab you got back outside and applied for a job in a bar.
Now, an Ex-Alcoholic is working in a bar, where there’s only Alcohol.

What do you think, is that an appropriate action to take?

Think hard on this situation and relate it to yours!
The environment you are creating for yourself will affect you a lot.


Heey :blush: @shraddha
This relapses happen because this chats and snapchats affect you with wrong way (btw this all illusions this smiles , this filters what ever what is it and how is it ??)

What is important for you ?? Now

I suggest to take care of yourself (by a real meaning from your deep your hobbies , your goals)this will be more effective …
You can ask yourself and start with this what I have to do to be enough for myself this happen by steps sweetie you can make your diary or start writing or record your journal to follow your goals and your fears your personality and opportunities if you far or still need work on it and take your time …
This journey of no porn & no fap can happen, believe it and go through it…
You can msg me anytime


Bro delete snapchat, problem solved. Thank me later


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