Everybody explain his worst trigger

I want from everyone to talk about his worst triggers and how to avoid it . We could get so much helpful by that it will save time and effort so we don’t make the same mistakes. For me worst trigger are the bed .when I rub my self against the bed is like super trigger for me . My solution for that . Don’t go to bed if u don’t want to sleep . Or sleep next to someone with you in the room . Let’s hear everyone triggers .

I destroyed my triggers fapping daily at porn. That’s why now i have 0 libido.

I guess that’s work good for you

My worst trigger is when i am alone and out of sleep.
I try to keep myself busy in my life goals to cope with the later and for insomania i am working on it.

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I start to think about being porn free for the rest of my life, then I start to doubt myself, it just seems so impossible to me in that moment.

I’m going to stop watching my counter and start training my discipline, my willpower is my weakest point. I’m fine so long as I destract myself with frivalious things like YouTube or games but once I actually start using my willpower to do productive things I become vulnerable. Making my willpower stronger is my new priority.

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My worst trigger is when I go to the bathroom and when I go to sleep at night.
To fight that, I must to have a discipline on this. Just make what is supposed to do, make it fast and do not waste time on other things.