Escapism Fapping nSIB1k5Wbew

Escapism Fapping, good view.

Personally i am still going cold turkey for 90 days then revisit this viewpoiny


There’s numerous reasons why I like this video.

Whether or not you agree to his stance (I very much do, but that’s just my opinion regarding my own situation), he says something very important at the end of the video.

We should approach this in a more empathetic way

In my experience, there’s way too many people aggressively trying to escape either porn, masturbation or both. Everybody has his own reasons to stop, but for some reason they need to tell everybody else and justify their actions.

Guys, if you feel like porn is destroying your life, then good job on trying to escape. Doesn’t mean other people can watch porn once in a while if they don’t have a problem with it (again, not saying all porn that exists right now is great, the whole industry is another matter). If you feel like you are compulsively masturbating too often, great that you try to stop or contain it, but don’t hate on everyone who’s masturbating every now and then.

I do understand that it is difficult. Because it lets you think “if they do it why can’t I”.
You do you!

Edit: I also do think NoFap doesn’t get taken seriously by people outside the bubble because people inside are like: we are right and you are wrong to watch porn and masturbate. It’s the same with people pleading against alcohol or aggressively promoting veganism, feminism, whatnot.
But if we present ourselves as: hey there are people that do develop an addiction, and it’s easy to develop one, so maybe respect us for fighting against it and be more aware…


Cheers, i agree, he speaks a lot of sense this guy. Its a real look at what is happening, for me doing cold turkey and once normalised i will revisit.

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