Escaping reality

Porn addiction isn’t the main problem, I think the main problem that we all face is escaping form reality, escaping from stress, depression, frustration, physical pain, failure, stress, confusion, do you know what all these feelings mean…this is life.
We only use porn to escape from those feelings.
Don’t escape reality don’t escape life
Just face it.


Learning to face Life bro


I’m trying to do so :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

With addiction generally speaking its the void in our lives that cause us to be stuck, trapped and it seems like it’s all because of the addiction. When we wake up and face our problems the solution becomes clear. It was never about trying so hard to abstain but to actually fill that gap that void in our lives. 9/10 i say are like this - made up the number but what i mean is a lot of people are like this.
When it comes to porn i think it comes in 2 steps

  1. the void like i just talked about

  2. low self esteem. Think about it us men (i think it’s more of a man thing but not saying girls ain’t like this as well) might do really well in our lives but for whatever reason we are not confident or we just don’t know how to get a girl. So what is the most sad but pleasurable way to feel good and so call get that “girl” … you guessed it we fall on our swords and see girls having sex in porn. It’s sad seeing pixels on a screen and watching like a creep but yeah.
    It’s not right its wrong but that’s what i believe why we can’t escape reality

I could go on but i will leave it there


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