Enter The (NoFap) Matrix Challenge

Hope it’s ok for me to post this here.

Check out The (NoFap) Matrix Challenge: https://forum.nofap.com/index.php?threads/the-matrix-challenge.330071/

(Might have to sign up to see the GIFS… not sure)

Stay Strong Crew!


Hii…Are you the congruence who created Matrix Challenge in nofap.com

Hii I was known as determinedrebooter in nofap community. Do you remember me ? Because of personal problem and too much triggers in NF community I left NF community. I joined RC ( Rewirecompanion ). In RC there is less triggers.

I remembered revanthegray , constantinereboot and lucifer. I hope they are fine as well. But I did not created NF account again. NF had many triggers.


Welcome !



Oh hey! Of course I remember, wow… it’s been quite a while now… well, a few months, but still. How are you doing? I’m doing well, feeling good etc on day 20 atm. Ah ok now I understand why you left & I can empathise with you, yes the triggers etc… got to do what’s best for you :slight_smile: I had no idea about this site until now, tbh with you I don’t really know what it’s about or how it works, I was just looking for places to spread the word about the matrix challenge lol. Is this also like a nofap/noporn community? The format is very different… no day counters etc… maybe more refined / sophisticated here :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway good to see you again DeterminedRebooter / Amitroghates!


Forgot to say haha yeh that’s crazy / great you remember revanthegrey / constantinereboot & lucifer… yeh they’re doing really good… revan is in his 20’s, constantine is on day 39 & lucifer on day 50!

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Yes…its a nofap community. I felt it better than NF. Friends are replying fasters. There are many indian friends who are supporting me.




There are many restrictions for new use. There is a limit of 24 hours to write new posts or comments for new users. You can’t create challenge actually. Maybe you can stay here for at least one months to get all the features.

There are four level of users here

  1. Basic

  2. Member
    Can create challenges I think

  3. Regular
    Can edit other persons posts and change triggering posts

  4. Leader


The mobile app has day counters as well. You can follow people there to see how they are doing in no fap and they can follow you.

And damn what a reunion :joy::fire: @Congruence and @Amitroghates

Welcome to the community @Congruence


The 4 levels sounds interesting, how does one level up? Is it by just being a member here for a longer period of time… maybe also by interacting more ie posts, likes, comments etc

You know, It’s funny how I stumbled upon this community by “coincidence”, I’m doing some essay writing on my computer atm for my course but I will definitely have a look around here & get a better feel later… for now I do feel a bit out of place because it’s so different & I’m not sure how it all works etc but it’s kind of intriguing me to find out.


Hmm thanks for the heads-up @Samaranjay I might check out the mobile app too.

Heheh :rofl: yeh #reunited

& thanks for the welcome :slight_smile: :raised_hands:


Yeah that’s correct.
You can’t become leader though, leader is the one who created the forum.
You can get to regular level by interacting and using the forum for some days.


Of course you have to interact with other companions here to reach “regular” membership. As @Samaranjay said, no one can achieve leader membership. Leader Membership is set only for the Creator.

Taher is the only leader here because he is the creator of this community.

You may create a diary by mentioning “diary” category. Diary is same as a journal. One diary per person.

You may give names like congruence’s diary or anything you want


Yes in nofap community , there are lots of triggers . People there mention they slept with gf or went out with girl or hooker or had date and bla bla bla .


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