Emotional triggers

What are your emotional triggers for watching porn?

Mine include loneliness, feeling rejected by girls and thinking I will be single forever and anger over my singleness. (even though I know looking at porn just compounds the problem)

Feel free to comment with your own stories and self analysis


Sometimes when i had a fight with my wife, i fap.

But all these are excuses… Right ?
Your mind wins in the end…
His job is to get pleasure.
The mind dont give a shit about your health.

A wise man detach himself from emotional triggers & save himself from a relapse.


The reason I asked was because I had a counsellor who wanted me to write down when I failed and feelings before and after a fail so we could identify what the triggers were because forewarned is forearmed. Then I could anticipate the temptation and prepare myself for the onslaught and know when vulnerable times were so there is a purpose to asking this question…
Life’s a f*cking bitch sometimes… right?


Sometimes relapses comes out of the blue…unexpected… the list of triggers dont help sometimes. …

Councling is good when you dont have someone real to talk with.

At the end; you are a friend of yourself. You can help yourself.
You should work on 2 things :

  1. Cutting your triggers & sexual thoughts.
  2. Winning over urges.
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Yeah winning over urges is good that’s the really tough part I guess prior to that ‘prevention is better than cure’ thats not so tough it would mean being careful about watching tv at night if I’m alone. If a film gets risque I need to forward it or turn it off it’s not worth the relapse… that can feel like a sacrifice if I want to finish the film so not so easy.
Sometimes I give in just because I’m angry and feel as if I’ve got to be a good Christian boy and not look at porn so I rebel against that and indulge myself thinking I’m denying myself from something good but porn is not good. It’s not good for anyone and not for the performers either; they are sex actors getting paid they sacrifice real relationship for cheap thrills, cash, employment some are coerced but we don’t realise …
So managing my thoughts and emotions is key.
I want a real relationship not a relationship with porn which is empty and unfulfilling. So I need to always remind myself of what I am fighting for.
I’m fighting for a good future not an empty one.
My faith can really help but if it’s represented to me as what I should do and what I am not allowed to do then it’s counterproductive and generates a fail. Being aware of this helps.
I guess I’ll be on my knees more in the future and getting out of the house, running and socialising anything other than wasting time on porn and masturbation…

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