Emotional dependence with woman

Anyone here feels like he has emotional dependence of woman?? Also Some fear to be betrayed or abandoned by she, and just fatal atraction with girls that make you feel thes fears.

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I started nofapp and it’s a coincidental that my partner left me a few days after starting nofapp. Now I am getting twice the urge even stronger. I gave up masturbation so I can improve myself so spend more time with her but such bad luck at the wrong time.

I think you may need help, but I’d suggest make friends and surround yourself with people. Or get a dog or pet. Till you are at peace it may not be the best idea to go into dating.

I’m in the same boat with you Ari. Even my long term girlfriend right now… We are planning on getting married. But I catch myself worried at times that everything she does is an act and one day she’ll just peace out.