Emiliem's Diary - Road to 365 days nofap

I was searching for a nofap community and I find this community … I’m a boy, I’m 18 years old and I come from Belgium.
I tried to nofap just for fun in the past and never held longer than 2 weeks.
And for the New-year I decided to start 365 days nofap (pmo now because never had a girlfriend)
So I’m glad to find this app :grinning: and now I’m at day 17
Have a nice day

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From my point of view, 365 days is a too big challenge for a beginning. Set a goal that you can achieve so that you’ll really put your mind into it. :blush:

Sorry but I dont change that :sweat_smile:

Ok :wink: keep us updated :blush:

I think it’s not a bad idea.
Can you make it? maybe
Is it motivating to have a tough goal? Definitely

Keep your goal if it suits you

I am now at 1 month… Proud :blush: