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It occurred to me to create a post in which one can write or ask for help if the temptation is too strong. Starting with me, here and now. Help me


Just answer my few questions

  1. Why the hell did u start this journey if u wanted to give in to the urges
  2. Is relapsing the only way - it is obviously mot
    So what can u do for a while till u can over rule the urges just go take a nap or go for a walk or sit in the nature or read easy peasy book or do meditation etc
  3. Do u remember how did u feel last time u relapse
    U were energetuc before the relapse having fun while doing it and once done just the next second u were feeling guilty , ur were ashamed of ursef u wanted to stay clean but u became weak
    Now is the chance to win over these damn urges and show them who are you , how strong u r mentally and that its u who are the master of ur body, of ur desired, of ur life and no addiction can make u fall not now nor in future
    Stay strong buddy
    Waiting to see that u overcame ur urges


Man, be serious with yourself. Make a commitment to yourself!

  1. Create a list of the things that are triggers for you, try your best to destroy those triggers in your life. if it’s social media, put a filter or even stop using it for a while.

  2. Create habits that will make you leave the place where you usually fall, adopt new habits! if you are a Christian, remake your alliance with God, seek strength in him every day!

  3. Be aware that this damn pmo practice will destroy your life if you don’t stop today!

  4. Make notes about your trajectory, note the successes, the mistakes, create strategies that help you to win and not that undermine your strength.

  5. Don’t give up. Do not give up. Do not give up. Giving up is for the weak!


At dawn I felt tempted, so I wrote here to see if someone answered. thanks everyone anyway. This chat could be used as an ‘emergency button’ by any of us. Ahead!
Translated from Spanish

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  1. I think you do not understand. It’s not that I want to relapse, it’s that the temptation is sometimes there and you can’t handle it on your own.
  2. Very good advice but there are many things you can not do at dawn (which is when I feel so much myself)
  3. That’s good to think about, thanks for that tip too. I encourage you too
    Translated from Spanish
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