Elendil's Diary - Riding the Dragon 🐲

Riding the dragon is much harder than it seems:
it requires concentration no matter if i have a good or a bad day,
it requires skills to know myselfs and the potential of that firey beast below me.
It is hard to stay on the top of the beast, but what else can i do? Cause if i stand in front of the monster it slowly burning me down with its fiery power.
I have to tame the beast. Tame the fire. The beast who once tamed, can take me above the clouds to places I haven’t imagined. The fire that is inside me by the right of birth and with i can create things yet not materialized.
The beast is within me, i can’t cut it out of me. I don’t want to.
I am the beast and it is me. It is part of me. I try to tame it. It is not bad or evil, it is nature. I can decide to use it’s fire or be burned and ultimetly consume my whole potential and happy future in it.
Today is a less good day, but i’m here damn it and the process excites me.
Gotta stand up.
Got burned, i dust myself off and keep riding the dragon.


It’s starting with a small change. You notice the different looks, different attitudes. You realize it’s not the enviroment that’s different, you changed.

You got burned on the journey, you got burned more and more times, but you don’t care. Morbidly you’ve started to enjoy the pain come from the pressure. Pressure excites you. It is the force drives you out 5 am in the morning to train. It is the pressure that makes you look them in the eyes on the streets; not like an enemy just as a rider who’s eyes say without words:" i am a force to reckon with" . Without this force you just feel like blood and bones together: a pile of flesh waiting to perish and fade away.
But the preasure became your drive: the gas in your car, the fire in the belly of the Dragon. Chanelling the fire is not easy, neither is riding the dragon. Lot of tension, and you always have to stay on top. ALWAYS. Cause one minute and you’re off. You’re also careful these days not to channel it to wrong directions, cause you might burn other people, ones who didn’t deserved your fire.

But the dragon is up in the air finally. The land has started to change beneath you. Let’s see how far the Beast carries you.