Einstein's inspiring thesis

I just saw a documentation which blew my mind. Einstein made the thesis that the past, present and future exist all at the same time. That the flow of time is illusionary.

What does this mean? It’s a thesis so we don’t know but let’s do an experiment and consider it’s true. Wouldn’t it mean that our future self already exists? And if you fap now, you will INSTANTLY have to deal with the consequences in a “later”(but already existent) time. It may seem like the effects come later, but a self of you experiences them, while you still fap.

Thinking it further, it would mean all time is written already BUT reading and knowing this could be part of your time and thus a change of your story that is frozen in the time.

It’s like a story in a book. In the perspective of a character, he does all the choices but really, his story is already written. Still he influences his story. Paradox.

So everything is absolute. (in this thesis)


Thank you for sharing bro. This is a mind blowing concept. I am outta love now so :heart:


If we dig deeper into this topic, we exist and at the same time we don’t :joy:


We were dead the moment we were born :smiley:


Exactly, that’s why I love science very much

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Conclusion: Masturbation is dangerous to your future self
Proof : Albert Einstein’s Thesis