Edged after 132 days of absence

Was a good long run, but I got to start over again. And I almost got through No Nut November. The way I edged was that was looking at risque and softcore (no frontal nudity or sex), but then nutted my pants without even touching or rubbing it. I feel embarrassed. It sucks too since I have a girlfriend.

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Dang bro, sorry to hear. I am on day 85 no PMO. I feel so on top of the world right now, but it’s easy to forget my strategies when I am this high. Your relapse reminds me again that we can all fall even from the tallest heights. These strategies need to be practiced consistently.

I’d be interested to hear some of the things that led up to you looking at softcore and eventually relapsing. What were some of the arguments that your urges presented you with? What were some of your triggers or situations that lead you there?

I hope for a quick recovery for you man :pray:


Being overworked and stressed. But will it ruin my relationship? I hope it doesn’t.

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