Eating alone in silence

Hey everyone,

I currently see, that I most often fall after dinner. I’m alone at home and always watch stuff on the internet during eating (youtube or twitch) but I can’t stop from there and fall into the porn hole a lot.

I see that I need to be able to eat alone in peace and silence. No distraction from the internet.
But somehow I just don’t manage to do it. It seems so easy. Just don’t watch youtube. But something in myself resists so much, that I can’t do it.

Has anyone tried that and struggled with the same thing? Anyone knowing a solution?


If you’re tech savvy you can block pornography directly from your router using a custom dns.

If not then I’d say you must change up what you’re doing around dinner time. Stopping yourself from using the internet at your most vulnerable time might be the key.

If you think about it your brains already learned that there’s a 50/50 chance that you’ll watch pornography after using the internet during dinner right? That already will create a dopamine spike and will already make it hard for you to control yourself. Make it so that you have as much control as possible and that may mean staying away from the internet for a little while whilst you eat your meal. Good luck and God bless.


Thanks for your answer
:sweat_smile: blocking never really worked for me. If I know how to block it, than I can also find a way to unblock it.
I’m currently reading a lot about mindfulness and such. I somehow want to not use the internet at all during dinner (not even for music or any other thing). But it just doesn’t work :disappointed:
It’s like saying, I shouldn’t watch porn for a week. Sounds easy, just don’t open a bad page. But in practice, it is soo hard :disappointed_relieved:


You’re right bro, i had been struggling for years in order to block pornography from my phone and everytime i relied on my will and said that i won’t inactive porn blockers, but then found myself watching porn.
For 2 years, i have been downloading every single porn blocker app, but eventually everytime deactivating it because i was lying to myself and always left a way for myself to deactivate these apps.
Until one day, when i realised that i am really addicted to porn like any other drug and that i should not rely on my will alone if it is very easy go access porn. Hence, i took a final decision that i am not going to watch porn anymore in my whole life and that i will be taking real actions to do that. I did a new email that i don’t remember with a password of more than 30 letters and numbers and downloaded porn blockers using this new mail (Qustodio and kaspersky safe kids), then written it down on a piece of paper and put paper in a place that is veryy hard for me to reach, at least i need hours to reach it, so in this time my urge would have gone. Then with time i started to block every single app that was a trigger for me, including all social media, and play store… and every app using a very difficult pass.
So here i am, after taking that final decision i was able to block porn, which was the main trigger to MO for me. However, you can’t stop here, you should also make many other actions: you should start to focus on your future, to make real changes in your life, to invest all your energy in healthy hobbies or interests, and most importantly to find support, which is provided mainly by this app.
You can make it bro, we’ve all been there, take that final decision and follow it up with life-changing actions.