Easy method to stop unnecessary Boners and Urges

Everyone has problem that you get boners and that lead to orgasm and masturbation finally. This is very bad feeling as it breaks your streak in an instant. So here are the steps.

  1. When you get boner close your eyes or keep it open. Do which you feel easy.
  2. Keep your attention to your dick feel the sensation and slowly shift your attention to your balls.
  3. Slowly continue shifting your attention to your spine then back, then to your neck , then to your head, from head to your tongue and finally to your chest.
  4. Repeat the path few times and you will find that the same energy which was rushing in your dick reverses and flows in the path we are providing. And urges and boner gone.

It takes little practice. Those who have done meditation will find it easy. In few minutes your boners and urges will go. Try it once and share your experiences.


Thank you for this, sounds similar to the method I have been using so far to arrest my urges as they come by, I will either say out loud or in my mind (depending where I am etc) “I do not need to indulge you right now” and I will visualise the energy moving from my parts flowing like water through my legs and I will ground the energy.

If I have any accompanying thoughts I will visualise them being washed away in a similar manner, replacing the mental image with a river or such carrying the temptation away… Water is also a cleaning element, so one could think of it like washing your mind (in a good way).

I will second the statement that it takes some practice and a little discipline, but it has given me a good reason to pick up meditation again and practise some mindfulness :slight_smile:

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Simplified explanation here

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One method I’ve been using for over a long time & very effective…
Simply search for “penis fish” images, just stare the hell out of those nasty penis fishes and you’d feel your dick going off.
Could be more effective when using with rewire companion urge meditation music.!.. By the way I’m at day 344, (488n2z) reach me out, if you need any suggestions