Early morning killer-urges

I have problem in my early morning , i mostly loose in that early morning time when i m awake but uses the PRE GET UP time for pleasure and feel very difficult to overcome those urges.

Any suggestion to kill those urges, i wanna live please


You could try watching a good movie in the morning, on your phone or lap top or any good tv show that can keep you occupied for atleast 2 hours :blush:


Morning time ,its the golden time for us bro…specially I am waiting for this 4 am to 8 am…in this time you should do meditation,exercise,don’t use mobile, drink water…:slightly_smiling_face:

You can join in the miracle morning challenge…all beasts are waking up at 4 am daily…

Early mornings are the time where our testosterone is highest… So the urge is natural for all of us during then… I wont even think of it as an urge because it is normal. Just let it go, if u cant, dont be alone, workout a bit or just walk outside for a while, or keep yourself busy in doing freshup and breakfast, or dont hold phone and if u are religious, do some prayer… I am a Christian so I read bible and pray…