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Instead of going to a psychiatrist and eating prescribed drugs, you should try to reset your dopamine yourselves. Search information, collect and apply and grow. Try to find root cause.


There is nothing wrong with what’s happening to you.

You say you feel nothing but then you mention you were grumpy for a time, then you felt angry, and then you cried your eyes out. What better expression of emotionality can there be than crying? Crying is the biggest reliever of pent up emotion and signals the healing of stored trauma.

It might appear to you that you are feeling numb for a time, but in reality, you are teaching yourself how to experience your real feelings rather than the continuous artificial “happiness” brought on by porn and other similar trivial pursuits. Our pop culture teaches you that you have to be “happy” all the time; by giving up that delusional you are on the road to becoming a more powerful, more satisfied person with greater depth to their personality. Allowing yourself to feel less-than-pleasant emotions is a part of this process. It takes a lot of courage to take this road, and you gotta pat yourself on the back for taking this road.

I have cried several times during my healing, sometimes in front of others who I have learnt to trust, and I am thankful for having learnt how to give space to my emotions in constructive ways. I have also learnt how to feel anger without losing control. If you wish to ask more, please feel free.

Meeting a mental health professional seems like a good idea, though I would recommend meeting someone who is sufficiently aware of the nuances of nofap, or with the recovery process for sex addiction. Also, I believe you would want to meet a therapist/counselor rather than necessarily a psychiatrist - a psychiatrist prescribes medication and I believe that’s not what you are looking for.

You are doing great. All the best for the future as well!


Btw I am on day 98 of my current streak, and can understand what you are going through.


Give Thanks to God;
Because you are on right path. Not feeling anything is a sign of Nirvana. You can set yourself free from all emotions & become one with the almighty.


I don’t get the hate against psychotherapists.

For me, that really sounds like a good reason to get a psychotherapy.
A psychotherapy is not only for weird people. It is a person who tries to help you with mental illnesses. Sometimes this therapy can be enhanced with medication.

I have never met a psychotherapist who welcomes you, say here take this medication for the rest of your life and give me all your money.
Every psychotherapist knows that in normal cases, medication is only for a limited time

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My personal advice, take it or leave is;
start being brutally honest with yourself,…
the brutal bit doesn’t mean be cruel,
but for every answer more questions will arise if you’re being sincere.

Keep asking questions, if you arrive at the same answers, act on them and/or ask different questions.

Push yourself to go beyond your comfort zone,
Ask and do things that you’d never imagine.
Start taking some risks.
Don’t give in, but Punch through this crap!
Keep being honest and humble.

Start showing more kindness to those in need, and do it seriously, making it solely about them,
as being unemotional you don’t have that heavy burden of being in emotional bondage with those suffering, but you can think clearly like that of a good doctor or nurse.

Start asking for grand and wonderful things in your life, And Ask BIG!!!
Start banging on God’s door, smash it down!

Eat healthy, do Yoga or Tai Chi.
Ask the hottest girl out, why not?
You’ve got nothing to lose.

Know that my advise may not be perfect, you’ll make the advise that you put into practice perfect, and know I’m saying all this because I do fully know that feeling, and truly want the best for you, as I would myself and anyone else.

Some small bit of advise out of many.

I agree with that… Maybe your problem is not PMO, but something deeper.

Nothing that PMO can’t make worse, but psychologists are doctors of the soul, I know ppl who had wonderful experiences with therapy.

If you can, I cannot see why not look for one


Hey man, I am feeling exactly like you! Finally someone with the same problem

How are you doing now? I usually take coffee and it did me goood. Really good. For the day. So, Im afraid to consume it every day. As to not create another addiction. Today I didn’t take any caffeine and I was so miserable, to the point I was so low that I broke my 5 second rule and considered to return to the websites just to look for ‘updates’. How are you doing now bro? Does going to therapist help?

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The same can happen during the grieving process.
Ive recently lost my dad this year. For weeks and, still at times, i felt numb. Never like before. Just totally emotionless, life itself had no meaning and it was just bleak. I entertained the thought of taking my life as it was frustrating. I have not and will not ever self harm myself though.
I reasoned that these things must take place. It is only “natural”.
Your body is trying to process all that has just happened. Not only that but the amount of chemical changes that are happening.

Just take a step back. Go out for a walk, BREATH.
You need your alone time,but never doubt the fact that it is VITAL to have a close friend.
Although u may not feel anything. You can explain what you have felt and how its just come to being numbness.
Here’s a little help to start the convo:
“I cant of anyone else to talk to but you. But its important you know. I cant exaclty put into words how I’m feeling right now, but i need you to be here with me…”
I really hope this helps. Although its a different situation, it is the same process.

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You’re in the flatline. It’s your old brain not getting what has happened. Think of it as your brain resetting itself. It will pass. I promise, it will pass. Take care and don’t peek or edge.

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@singhchandandeep34 Buddy you are blessed that you could cry. I went through the same experience, and there’s a good chance that there is more sadness/grief in me that is yet to be released.

If you have the time, I would encourage you to do a post on your experience in this regard. I think emotional catharsis or trauma release is an aspect of NoFap that does not get as much attention as it should, so it will be very useful to everyone here if you can write more about it.

(This applies to me too, I ought to write a post myself :stuck_out_tongue:)