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[20 M] drivingNorth

This is my day 1

This is my journey


Day 2

Have a holiday to study for exams, so using it well

My goals are to complete microbiology and pathology syllabus by EoT (End of Today)

Secondary goal is to make sure to do my plyometric workout as well as full body training when I get time today

public link:

join this link to study with me live
only timer present on this website, no cam/audio
feel free to join anytime

update: no time to work out today, must finish study targets due to exams next week


Day 3

skipping classes today to study

my goals are:
→ complete learning all the flashcards I’ve made so far
→ make flashcards for all the topics I have for pharmacology
→ if I have remaining time, complete at least 13 topics in total from microbiology and 4 from pathology, at least flashcard making

not working out today or for a while because I sprained my hand earlier and yesterday’s workout aggravated it

check out this site if you want more study motivation: Focusverse

update: very tiring and intellectually draining day. Did not really meet anyone because I spent the whole day in my room studying, besides going out to eat my meals and do some grocery shopping. Med school exam are tough. But I must stay focused.

Prolonged sitting is making itself felt (sciatica, I feel)

At times like this having a girl friend would be awesome, because it is someone to talk to and encourage you to keep pushing forward. Especially if it is a fellow medical student, the help would be great. However, I am single :laughing: because I need to focus on myself at the moment.

Christ is enough for me.

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Day 4
Tomorrow is my first exam, pharmacology so I will be preparing for that.

My goal for today:
→ listen to the 8 lectures I want to refer in endocrine pharmacology
→ complete making flashcards for all pharmacology topics
→ put all the flashcards into memory
→ found out exact time and date of exams
→ call my friend regarding our start-up

But first of all, I must spend time with God today morning; I have not been the most diligent at this, so I need to work on it, but I will keep trying no matter what

update: quite a few urges today. Lots of sexual energy build up. I can feel it within me, must now put it to productive use.

update 2: cant’ quit, won’t quit, must win
will sleep only after finishing all the necessary flashcards for my exam tomorrow
now less talking; let me shut up and finish the work to be done

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Day 5

waking up early to study
today’s going to be a long day, but God’s grace is enough for me.

some pre-exam stress, but we’ll see how it goes.

update: Pharmacology went well by God’s grace; now for pathology

update 2: lots of urges, bit hard to study but not giving up, relying on God

update 3: wasted too much time today; have 2 hours left to redeem today, going to make the best of it

final update: won the day :slight_smile:

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Day 6

my first mistake is that I didn’t spend time with God first thing in the morning, which I should change from tomorrow. Because God should always be at the center of everything.

have a study holiday today, so obviously, going to study.

→ cover full pathology portions making flashcards
→ commit all the flashcards to memory

feeling very tired from all the studies, but I am enjoying the process

update: basically I had a pretty sexual dream today morning, and the whole of today I’ve been bothered with urges on and off due to flashbacks of that dream; submitting it to God; I cannot fall, because I will land back where I don’t want to be

my calisthenics goal for the next month is:
→ 16 pull-ups, perfect form
→ 50 pushups, correct form, no breaks in between
→ 10 pike pushups, perfect form

Currently at:
→ 8 pull-ups, perfect form
→ 32 pushups, correct form, no breaks in between
→ 4 pike pushups, perfect form

update: lots and LOTS of urges today; by God’s help I did not fall; must keep pushing forward

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I would love to join you in this. Please let me know your sessions so that we can join together. But before that , Hope u are ok with me joining with you.

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I am definitely okay with that. ButI don’t use this app anymore, I have switched to focusverse, and I would recommend that to you as well. It is a very good website, I have linked it in the post following the earlier one. It is better than cuckoo timer.

Let me know if you are interested in joining me on focusverse.

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Day 7
Once again, I have woken up early to study
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Phil 4:13)

exam went well by God’s grace; through him alone I did well.

Now studying for the next exam (microbiology)

topics I will cover in microbiology flashcards today:
→ measles
→ mumps
→ rubella
→ cholera
→ salmonella
→ hepatitis
→ leprosy

bit ambition, but lets see what I can do.

lots of urges today as well, but I held on and went out with some friends instead because I didn’t want to stay in the room; lots of excess energy means I have to utilize it well

the signs of abstinence are beginning to show; have more drive and energy now, more desire to push out from my comfort zone, all signs of high testosterone; I’m pretty sure I have fairly higher than average testosterone levels, genetically speaking, because I have the symptoms of someone like that- let’s keep it that way xD

Yes. I am interested to join you. Please send me the link so that we can join together. During weekdays we will have study sessions after 8 PM because I have college on the remaining time.

And on weekends , We can have sessions whenever we want

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join whenever you like, the good part about this website is that you can do solo sessions and other random people can join you; I usually use it after 5 pm on weekdays (but mostly this week, because I have exams)…
I have the same username on that site as well

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Day 8

Using my God-given masculinity to complete the goals I have to finally give all glory to Him

must be more focused; I cannot afford to be distracted now

I don’t feel like studying anymore, just want to take a long long break; but must keep pushing through it.

Man looks at the outside appearance, but God looks at the heart (the Bible)

Yes , I am ready. Lets start today by 8 PM

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Hello bro. Sorry I couldn’t join you yesterday. Lets start a session at 9.30 AM tomorrow. How about it ?

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that works.
I will be there focusing till 2 today as well, by that I mean 2 in the morning. If you wish to join anytime feel free.

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Day 9

Microbiology exam didn’t go as well as I would have liked it to. But that was my fault. I did not study enough for it. I must not make the same mistake for my last exam, forensic. I will make all the flashcards by today, and revise them tomorrow.

Urges are always there, but I am fighting them with God’s help.
There are only two options, one is to suffer the temporary displeasure of fighting the urge, which will disappear in seconds, and the other is a lifetime of slavery, which I refuse to partake in.

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Bro I will be there on 9.30 AM with this username itself. Hope u are ready

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Day 10

Finished my exams…for now :smiley:

Came back home now, for a few days of vacation, before I will have to return back to college and all the work I have to do back there, especially with regards to basketball and gymming, which I have to catch up on, and a lot of magazine editorial works.

My goals for my vacation:
→ Work on completing the research protocol and the outline draft of my upcoming research paper
→ Discuss product details with my friends on our startup
→ Learn as much as I can of the ‘Freebird: guitar solo’ by Lynyrd Skynrd


The reason I did not update for a while is because I am ashamed to say I relapsed day-befpre-yesterday.
Back to day 0.
I must learn from my mistakes and keep moving forwards.

Exams are done but my work is far from finished.

Today’s goals:
→ Complete flashcards for SMRs
→ Complete flashcards for LAs
→ Complete flashcards for GAs
→ Revise all Anki flashcards for Pharmacology
→ Discuss with my friend regarding our startup

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Day 3

urges are here and there, but not very prominent.
was in a depressed mood these past few days, there was no real reason as to why which I could explain. With God’s help I got through it, and now am feeling better.
Went for basketball practice today, tomorrow will be rest day then will rejoin the gym the day after.

I need to get back to my dedicated studying routine.

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