Drewberg's Diary/list of my tentations

Here I’m going to write everytime I have a tentation for a relapse, what’s triggering it.
Sunday 30 sept: Sadness
Monday 1 oct: Sadness
Tuesday 2 Oct: Sadness
Wednesday 3 Oct: Tiredness, sexual desires, erotic dreams, I’m upset.

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Thursday 4 oct: None. I was so busy I didn’t have time to think about it.
Friday 5 Oct: I’m so sad right now. I’m feeling useless, undeserved, judged by me. I’m feeling tired too. I’m irritated. I’m not doing well with my gf…

Saturday 6 Oct: Being on my bed. (Seriously?)
Update Sadness, hopelessness.

:smile: I guess it’s default association.
I like your honesty! Keep going bro!

Yes @Aoshigreen, I think you are right, it could be default association