Dreamt of relapsing

From few days urges have increased at times cant concentrate on other things specially mornings after morning routine and cold shower I get a hang on my self
Today I dreamt of relapsing and when I woke up the dream felt so real that I actually felt as if I had relapsed in my sleep, made to feel down and the morning was some how messed but the fact is I hadn’t relpased but it messed my morning routine and the whole day might get affected also I am worried will this continue I am also worried I might end up relapsing in my sleep

Any one has experienced something similar kindly give insight

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. From time to time, I get an occasional dream like that, feeling very real, but in reality, anything had ever happened. I think, there’s nothing wrong and nothing to worry about. I just shrugged it off and went on.

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Bro, I am currently on 15 day streak. In between this, I have experienced atleast 4 such dreams and since I woke up immediately before ejaculation in first three dreams and after it in last one, I have memories of the kind of dreams I see. I remember very clearly that in first 2 dreams, I was dreaming of having sex with females but I was able to control them. But in the third dream I saw myself watching porn and jacking off to it. I even avoided ejaculation in that one. But in the last one which took place last night, I simply saw myself jacking off without any female or porn involved and in this case I ended up having a nighfall. I immediately woke after that and felt terrible. I do recognize that it wasn’t voluntary and won’t count as a relapse but still it felt terrible. Whats worse is that since I almost always wake up before or after such dreams, the next day I experience massive urges and the flashbacks of the dreams run in front of my eyes the whole day. Its hard since in that way, my almost entire day is ruined and I am not able to concentrate much on important areas of life.
I don’t think that one can overcome it easily, but controlling yourself in this adverse conditions and not giving in to urges will help. Probably , one or two days after such a dream will get affected, but if one gives in to the urges then he’ll fall back to the same trap and then several days, weeks, months and even years can get ruined. So, hold on bro and control the urges. You are the master of your body, don’t let some stupid fantasy play tricks with your brains. Remember, in the end of the day it’ll still be a fantasy and not anything real.


I am feeling the same way its almost like I actually relapsed hope this feeling is only for a day or two and not like an actual relapse stays for weeks thanks a lot guys

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Those dreams are very common… Dont worry about it. Like @gabgab said, its just a dream, nothing more to it. Shrug it off.

The way you feel is common too. As we quit PMO, our brain is in an adjustment period. Right now its craving PMO… This period happens to everyone that quits anything, just wait it out. Whatever you feel, doesn’t matter how worse it feels, just dont relapse. Keep going. After this period comes the best part. Which is you being free. So just be patient and hold on till the best part happens.

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Yeah bro these are temporary cravings which are being created by the devil inside. These will go soon. You must not lose your patience. You are the best.

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Guys had my 1st nocturnal emission today morning for me it’s progress I guess but the dreams are a sign that I have fed my brain with filth for so long, recovery is must

Any insight on this kindly share
@JonSnow001 @PrDr @gabgab

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Bro, the thing is we have to admit that we are normal human beings with bodily needs. For long I have wanted to completely clean my brain from all the sexual thoughts, but I’ve found that the more I try, the more I fall in the trap of it. Nocturnal emission is a way for your excessive seminal fluid to come out, and though its triggerred by sexual thoughts, it can very well be due to other reasons out of your control too. The best way to overcome is to not think about it all, just consider that it was like any other usual night. Don’t let the flashbacks of those dreams get better of you. Just keep going as if nothing has happened because really nothing bad has happened and you are still moving forward in your streak.