Dreams with intense emotions

Currently on 30+ day streak,

Idk why yesterday and today i had very intensified dreams. Yesterday i dreamt that i murderd someone and was getting arrested for it
. Today i dreamt that my mom was scolding me very bad because she thought i was playing games instead of studying.
Also i feel anxiety sometimes during day ewithout any reason.
Whats the reason for this?

Never happened to me before

Note: i am meditating + exercising + listening to hanuman chalisa daily


Consider memorising Hanuman Chalisa as well and chant it. :blush:


Hello brother :wave:

You are currently facing the flatline. You are probably experiencing low energy, a general sense of malaise an inability to live the good life, and a tough time concentrating on little things and getting things done, especially tough things that require a lot of focus and less strength and motivation.

You see brother, willpower is like a muscle. And after a few weeks of exercising it to swear off masturbation, you’ll essentially find yourself wanting to give your willpower a rest, and give in to the temptation to fap.

This is when you need to dig in and rely on knowledge as much as on willpower.

First and foremost, know that what you’re feeling is normal
It’s part of the rewiring process, and it inflicts almost everyone at some point on the nofap timeline.

Second, know that this too shall pass. If you think that sticking to nofap means the rest of your life will be one big struggle, then the temptation to stop and retreat to the comfort of â– â– â– â–  will be hard to resist.

But if you remind yourself that this is just a temporary phase, it’ll be a lot easier to persevere and push through it, even though it’s hard.

Third and finally, remember what’s waiting for you on the other side:
Once you get through this, you’ll have successfully rebooted your brain, and be on your way to establishing a new normal that looks a lot more like stage two, when you felt empowered, than stage three.

Remember that this is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

There are moments in a marathon that are hard, grueling, and even painful, but it’s precisely those moments that make crossing the finish line so elating.

And so damn worth it.

So during this trying stage, keep in mind the inspirational words of Winston Churchill, who said, “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” :fire:

There is rooted anger in you. Many negativity in your deep emotions.
There are strong possibilities that a killing or murder you commit in your dream may indicate an urge to kill something in yourself. It can be your masturbation addiction, an old memory, or even a habit. You may also be trying to get rid of an old way of thinking or ideal that had a significant influence on your life.

I don’t know about this part but according to google, when you dream that someone is mad at you means that you are angry with an aspect of yourself at a subconscious level.
It could also be a message about a behavior you’re not recognizing that may be undermining your success.

At the end of the day, it is a dream. It could be a simple, and random visual that has no meaning and cannot be explained.

Don’t worry brother, it will be over soon. Believe me.
Let’s make 2023 the best year of our lives :fist:


Try journaling and writing gratitude.
It will also be a good help.


Such dreams might have been motivated if you watched some crime thriller or something related :sweat_smile:. Our mind produces dreams about the things we go through.


No i didn’t watch any webseries since september


Don’t worry about it too much. They are just dreams. Mind produces all kinds of dreams.
Maybe try changing direction of bed or the direction in which you are sleeping.


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