Dreaming and Astral Topic

Hello fellow heroes,

This topic is a discussion and sharing opportunity on the effects on dreaming and visions in relation to semen retention and sexual energy transmutation.

In my case I experience effects very similar to the basic energy reboot. I had a great rise of dream intensity and memory in the first 3 weeks, than something like a mental flatline with decreased dream intensity and sleep quality, and now after 60 days an immense resurgence of deep, meaningful dreams and beautiful restful sleep quality. (current streak 68 days)

The content of my dreams became very lifely, often times even adventurous and magical. I’m going through complex storylines and many surprises that happen along. It’s always very exciting to interpret the incidents in the next morning and it really helps to work with a dream journal to find out what your deep subconscious tries to tell you.
Beside the increasing intensity of contents I recognize that the emotions and mental states in the dreamworld enhances extremely lately. I often feel much more alive in my dreams and at some points it’s even more real than “real life”.

This morning I woke up from a deep dream storyline, and after opening my eyes, everything in the room was shining and I had a glowing sensation in my heart. It’s a magical start into the “real life”.

The same goes for meditations and the upcoming intuition. The entire communication with the subconscious seems to become more clear, as one becomes atuned with oneself. Meditations become so intense that a few minutes are enough to change the entire sensation of existence.

I’m curious if there are others here in the community that work with their dreams, whether from a psychological or spiritual standpoint. And if some of you engage in practices of lucidity or Astral projection.

It’s needless to say that all this happens in a direct correlation with the increasing accumulation of life force that takes place with semen retention. How do you experience it?

If some people here are interested we might share our techniques and training practices. I can recommend the book “dream yoga” by svami radha shivananda as a great source of connecting psychologically and mentally with your subconscious and higher self. Dreams are like the language of the higher self, that tries to show you in a first hand experience what subconscious matters need your attention. It helps you to find out what you truly need to resolve, in order to move on in your evolution and self realization.

It’s just such a vast and fascinating topic.

Kind Regards

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Something tells me to share what happened yesterday.

So in the evening before yesterday I was watching videos that include some practices in dark magick and demonology. I do it for study purpuses in order to get the full picture of the spirit world, and also to be prepared for any instances that may appear. As well as to help others, since many humans are influenced by demonic influences.

Long story short, I watched the videos with a protection around me and prayers in my heart. Before sleep I meditated with the cosmic deity Tara, asking to guide me in my dreams and show me how to be above.

The dream I had was very symbolic, here is what happened.
I was a kind of spirit king that had to protect his fortress. By spirit king I mean, that I was not in human form but more like an observer. Like a real life, immersive 4D video game. I was able to see everything that happened inside the fortress. This fortress was invaded by demonic spirits and I had to strategically position my defensive troop forces and react when enemies appear. So it was like a mix of strategy game, tower defense game. But as reality.
While demonic forces have spawned all over the place, I had to react very quickly. But during all the time, also some bonus items have appeared evey few seconds. I was mentally able to “click” on them to collect them and thereby adding them to my inventory. Now comes the tricky thing…as I was tempted by all those extra items appearing, I got distracted from the enemy. So they had more time to emerge while I was busy for the free stuff. Then even something more unfavorable happened: It turned out that some of those items were “cursed”, which means that they poisen even the rest of my inventory when I collect them. As I was realizing that, too much enemys have already spawned and I could not longer defend the fortress.

After waking up my mind was blown. Do you get the point? The dark forces are not just the obvious visible manifestations. The “devil” knows our weakness for instant gratication and makes those attractive to us, so we might get distracted from what is important and seek for the little instant gratification. Demons know that they have no chance against the power of a free will, so they do everything to tempt us into instant dopamine gratification.
This includes gambling, fast food, entertainment, porn, material goods…now we tend to think that we “win” at least something when we consume them, but in reality those things are placed in order to distract us. They are appearing in order to capture our ATTENTION. And from behind…the demons sneak in. Once they gained control over your inner fortress, you have not just lost control but you also realise that those instant bonus items are worthless and even poisonnes.

Be vigilant. What matters is to do the things that nourish your soul. What matters is what develops you over time. Attitudes, habits, knowledge, wisdom. All those things are attained by constant awareness over your actions, what you consume and what you speak. You shall only immerse in beneficial contents!

You rule your inner kingdom, and most people don’t value what godly present it is to be a human being with a soul and a free will. Sinister spirits that are doomed into hellish existences seek that, and sadly many people are robbed of their life force.

Be vigilant everyone…I pray for you.



Interesting view. Makes sense, but is it the attention that let’s them in or your going to grab the item? It could be that by you grabbing the item it is a sort of invitation. Like you sell a bit of your fortress for a bit of their “treasures.”
I know for a fact indulging in what’s evil invites evil spirits, you can feel yourself turn evil.

There is much more behind this topic of course. It’s just a small abstract from a first hand experience.

The thing is, that actions in intant gratifications “cost” you life force. The rush of an orgasm costs life force. The indulgence in fast food deminishes life force. wasting time watching gossip entertainment sneaks away your life force. All that life force could have been used for soul nourishing activities, but instead it is wasted into things that are gone forever after the short pleasure.

The weaker you get, the easier you are tempted into doing evil things directly. And as you said, this makes you turn evil.

It’s complicated to explain those spirit mechanisms for the intellect, but the whole porn industry is the perfect example. With every fap you lose life force. the devil manipulates pretty woman into those actions and this captures your attention. While your attention is fixed in this outside manifestation and your senses seek that instant gratification, you do not realise how your life force slips away during this instand gratification process. And then the ciyle spirals down, the more life force you lose the more sinister things you want to see…and slowly you end up watching the most disgusting videos, which slowly turns your mind into a whicked perverted place. Many people here have been at that point.

In the physical world this becomes obvious with money. Drugs, porn, fast food…all those life force stealing corporations make the big money. But behind that are demonic forces that feast of the life force…just open your eyes in what condtion humanity is. So many people in the industrial nations look like zombies already.