Dopamine sources?

Hey guys !

It’s my 7th day now , thank god .
But , I reached that a lot of times , especially the last few months , then I relapse , because I need Dopamine , I feel bored and need some dopamine , do you have any suggestions ?

I tried anime and movies , but they were triggering , I tried games , but they are addictive to me .

Can you help please ? I really intend this time to stop that forever .


Try playing some sports in ground with your friends.
Or you can read books like novel…/ workout
And go for running in the morning.
Meditation/ learn some skills(if you’re foodie)

These all I read in this forum


I think I will try novels , this is the only thing that I haven’t tried yet .

I tried the rest of them , some are really helpful like playing sports with friends .

Thanks for the recommendations :blush: !


I think your brain is filled with dopamine overdose becoz of pmo. U should try some cardio and Exercises. It will burn fat, supply enough oxygen and supply true dopamine in adequate amount which is good for brain.


Indeed I do push-ups daily , I may try cardio with it too .

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile: .

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