Dopamine healing?

Why sexual thoughts and old fetishes seem to disappear? Is this a good sign? I dont think about threesome anymore and stuff like that. Will i heal if cut 100% masturbation and porn but still have sexual thoughts from time to time? (53 days on no fap)

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Those old fetishes and sexual thoughts disappear because they were never natural, they were a result of your brain needing more and more of a high that it wasn’t getting from normal porn. This is good, it means your brain is finally healing.

You will definitely heal if you cut out porn and masturbation 100%, even with some sexual thoughts from time to time. It is generally normal to have sexual thoughts occasionally.

But be careful, do not feed them. Just let them pass through and/or block them out, depending on if they are bad or not. Don’t ever feed them by fantasizing and toying with them in your head. This, by most people’s standards, is considered edging. Edging, if you don’t know, means you are getting close to relapse, but aren’t actually relapsing. Most beginners think that edging is fine when they first start, but you will quickly learn that edging inevitably leads to a full-on relapse, always.