DOPAMINE activities


Should I avoid all dopamine activities,once you take away a source of pleasure from the brain we need to replace it with something else.
Dopamine is what drive us for pleasure like extreme porn use.

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Why should you avoid hormone of happiness? You want to be happy.
Just ban porn to yourself so that normal level of dopamine will be enough to excite you.


Do you know Improvement Pill on youtube? He recommends doing a dopamine fast for 1 day every once in a while to kind of reset your brain. I’ll post the link in a minute.


Dopamine is a natural hormone and has an important part to play in the brain’s reward system. So many things in our lives cause a release of dopamine that I don’t think we could go “cold turkey” on it, even if we wanted to.

That said, I think dopamine regulation has a role to play in rebooting. In my experience, doing things such as gaming or entertaining sexual fantasies, both of which release dopamine, can make me more susceptible to relapse. In other words, you give your brain a taster, and it wants more of the good stuff.

Then again, quite often when I’m craving porn, what I’m actually craving is dopamine, and sometimes getting it from other sources, such as listening to music that I really enjoy, can be enough to meet my need, and I feel better.

I’d be really interested to hear other people’s thoughts on this, especially if anyone has managed to get that balance right during their own recovery.