Don't Want To Go Back Again To 0!

After my 38 days long & well going streak, now I’m consistently relapsing. Chaser Effect is hitting me very hard.
Today again on day 5 I relapsed many times. Even if I’m busy the thoughts are coming continuously :pensive:. I’m again going to back 0. Feeling like now Not any of my strategies are working & I’m alone. I don’t know how much this chaser or initial time is going to hit me. :cry: :persevere:
Really regretting that why I broke my long streak due to silly things. Don’t know how I’ll overcome this initial period. Also seeing some of our fellow companions relapsed somewhere demotivates it. Now, I’m consistently loosing the confidence…

May be this post look sort of sad, but I just conveyed what I want…

But, I’ll try to be more stronger & alert in these days :muscle: :fire:

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Become my companion. We both will find a way.

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Sure!! My sharing Code - co9eta

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The struggle you are in today, is developing strength you need tomorrow.

Keep going. In a year from now, you’ll thank yourself.


My code is rm9k73

38 days was very good. It tells that you can do 90 days easily.