Don't masturbate at all


It’s true that if you masturbate,chances of getting premature ejaculation increase by manifold… U want to enjoy your sexual life after marriage, don’t wank off your duck :duck: at any cost

Today when I was having s*x with a call girl, I got busted within 2 minutes, I’m not at all satisfied and more worse is that I could sense her unsatisfactory feelings also…Neither she nor I did enjoy the act . Although she was a prostitute,I could sense how pathetic she felt for me… So take way from me don’t masturbate if you wanna enjoy sex with your wife or gf

So I understood since I was pulling out my duck :duck: my times, that’s why it happened

Also some guys may point out is having sx with call girl is bad but paying for sx isn’t a crime,I am learning how masturbating affects one’s sex life by paying to a call girl


No offense but I’d say that you’re in no position to advice others. The way you’re addressing others like an expert really pissed me off.

I wonder who you are fooling with this, others or yourself.


Did your mom know about this?


Do you know having s** with a prostitute can cause many STD ?


Please tell me you used protection! Please…

I’m sorry that your game is that bad. but you didn’t have to get a hooker to know if masturbation is bad or not… You could have asked anyone. Or read the tons of nofap content online. …

My guess is that you didn’t hire a hooker for research and education. You did it coz you were horny as fuck and couldn’t control it anymore and after you did it you realised that you suck at it and now you are posting about it here justifying your actions at the same time wierdly trying to flex the fact that you got laid for some reason and now you are advising everyone to not masturbate because it causes premature ejaculation which is common knowledge in the forum and which you could have learned through a simple Google search… You are not fooling anyone here


Dude, fuck this shit…are you serious??
A prostitue? bro… sorry to say but your standards are way too low…since you don’t even feel anything about it makes it a lot worse


I just wanted to see if I got premature ejaculation because of chronic masturbation habit by making a transaction… I don’t feel bad about it because you know it’s all about transaction…But I won’t repeat it again ever… This is first and last time

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It’s been 148 days since I have last masturbated and watched porn. From being a daily addict to now barely even thinking about it. The only time I think about masturbation is when I have nothing to do, fortunately it’s very easy now to set that thought aside.

I had a fling a month ago. For my experience it went pretty healthy as I could control myself and my erection stayed solid throughout the act. I felt like I could orgasm after an hour if I wanted to.


Ofcourse not lol :rofl: what do u think then ?

Hey bro, everyone in this forum and those whom are practicing nofap, know this fact.

This seems you are more addicted in this. You got contact with a paid girl, how you think about it? Is it good in your vision. Brother, your addiction took you to there and made your mind to be with a paid girl. Keep yourself clean bro. Fade your addiction. Feel free and everything will go naturally. You can have sex with your gf or wife. It’s better brother. So don’t be a fool brother. It’s my kindly advice to you :slightly_smiling_face:

Your life your choices, but don’t make it public, it will ruin others


It’s bad and nasty,no addiction is even as bad as what I did yesterday… It was true that out of extreme horny ,I did it
You r right brother,I won’t post it again to the public


Ofcourse I used protection,what do you think then ?? She won’t allow you to insert otherwise :joy:

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