Don't feel miserable about the past!

One really important thing (and maybe the most important thing) I learned during the last months is that feeling miserable about the past leads absolutely nowhere. (I call past everything that isn’t right now).

You have the chance to live in the present and influence what you are doing and thinking right now! Act like it! You can change your whole life starting right now. But this is only possible if you don’t live in the past. You can’t change anything if you always look at what you did bad yesterday.

What I often did where things like:

  • I wasted the whole day on youtube. sometime after 8pm I realized that I fucked up the whole day and felt bad for the rest of the evening and did even less. I went to the bed with the knowledge that I spent my whole day as I did the day before and in the same way I spent most of the days last month. So probably, tomorrow will be exactly like that too
  • I opened a porn page and realized, damn i relapsed, and watched porn for 4 hrs since I felt miserable about what I did. I did something bad by opening the porn page and now I’m not able to change that anymore

The right way is to say:
Yes, i did something wrong in the past (i opened the site i’m currently on, I watched youtube the whole day) but I can change that RIGHT NOW!
I live in the present and can influence what I’m doing RIGHT NOW. So, it is in my power to close this porn page and do something better.
I can start doing something productive even if it is already 9pm and hence I have the chance to do something productive for the last 30min of the day!

And that is a huge deal. You finish your day with a good feeling since you did something good right before you went to bed. You will start in the next day with a completely different feeling.
You don’t feel helpless about the mistakes you did in the past since you can be a better you starting right now.


Exactly, bro, this is absolutely the correct way to look at everythings in my opinion, because time once gone can never come back, so feeling worthless for what we did in the past will only lead to more wastage of energy and time.

We just have to remember how bad we felt when we masturbated and make a choice the next time we have that same urge.

There goes a old saying

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift, that is why it is called the present .—KUNG FU PANDA.


I’ve never heard someone so beautifully quote Kung fu panda :sneezing_face: :disappointed_relieved: (unfortunately there is no emoji which is emotionally touched :smile:)

The quote is absolutely amazing. I really have to remember that

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Really it’s an awesome quote.